Top 10 patterns I’m looking forward to sewing this year

This is not a post about my specific goals for 2015 or anything official like that. It is more like sharing with my sewing friends what I’m excited about for the future. Since we don’t have an unlimited amount of time for sewing, or an unlimited budget, it is helpful for me to crystalize my favorites into a list for future reference. And I would love to get your feedback! What is on your sewing list for the year ahead?

1. I am looking forward to sewing another Vogue 1247 top and also using the skirt pattern. I do love my current version, but I am envisioning a silkier, more flowy top and structured skirt. I have seen so many beautiful versions of it, and continue to see more cropping up all the time! I need to remember to add a little bit of length to it next time, too.

2. Either the Sewaholic Granville or Oakridge button-up shirt patterns. I want to (start to) learn to detailed art of shirtmaking, and have been on the fence about Grainline’s Archer shirt pattern for quite a while now because of the boxier shape. I have a few RTW button up shirts in my wardrobe that I don’t love wearing, even the one that I took in on the sides to make more form fitting. Sometimes I wear them under sweaters. But the Sewaholic patterns have darts and details that make the silouhette more feminine. I really love the bow option. It will be a very fun challenge, I think.

3. Burda Wool Cape 08/2014 #123 is a more fitted style that I like. I had this on my list last year, but I didn’t get around to it. I even have some camel wool set aside. I wonder if capes will still be in style next winter? Has my procrastication made me miss this trend altogether? That would be very sad, since I was thrilled with the idea of basically wearing a cosy blanket around in public!

Special fabric I've been saving for jeans!

Special fabric I’ve been saving for jeans!

4. The new and already beloved Ginger jeans by Closet Case Files. I like the higher waist and slim leg, and it sounds like the instructions are very thorough and helpful. My previous jeans are more trouser style, and seem dressier. I would like to try a classic style and incorporate more jeans details like contrast topstiching and maybe rivets. There are already so many great versions out there! And I have been hoarding denim like you wouldn’t believe. I have a border print stretch cotton that is ah-mazing and will rock in this shape. First I will make a blue denim pair for practice. It will be a scary, scary day the day I finally cut into that italian floral cotton. Eek!

5. Fehr Trade active wear patterns. I am very excited about the Duathlon shorts, because of that clever pocket on the side. When I am out running for a couple of hours, I end up hauling a lot of stuff that I need to stash. More pockets! Always more pockets! The XYT top is intriguing because of the built in sports bra. I am very skeptical that I can pull that off, but I would love to try. If I can’t, I want to make the VNA top to wear with one of my tried and true bras, because that top doesn’t have side seams! Those seams really do chafe under my arms after an hour or two. Another very valuable reason to try them: I already feel pretty great finishing a marathon, but finishing one in gear I made myself would make me feel like a rock star!

6. A wrap dress of some sort…sorry for the vague-ness here, but I really need to do some research on this. Meg from BurdaStyle is making up the Burda wrap dress, which I like because of the sleeves. I also like the Papercut Midsummer night’s Dream dress, but there are no sleeves. But what about their Coppelia top with a skirt added on? Sleeves on that AND I could use the top. Please warn me if that is pure folly.

7. StyleArc Dotty blouse. Who is excited that Style Arc is on Etsy? Me! I have been wanting to try their patterns out for a while, and I think I’ll start with this one. It looks like a lovely shape and an interesting design that I will wear with skinny pants.

8. The Victory Patterns Anouk. A light and flowy dress with an interesting yoke detail that I think will be fun to put together. Another make I have had fabric set aside for, but have not dove in. And, while I’m thinking of it, I should really make another Lola, too, since the shoulders are a little tight on my navy and green one.

9. BurdaStyle Asymmetrical Paneled Funnel-Neck Jacket 01/2015 #104A. Oh, the jacket patterns I want to try! I could actually fill a top 10 list just with those. Hey, maybe I will! Another day. This jacket is so interesting. I know it will have horrible Burda instructions and probably be difficult to fit, but if it works out, it will be a masterpiece. And now that I made my Desert Moto Jacket, I’m not (too) afraid. 

10. Waffle patterns Snowball dress. The shape is different and I like the structure you could really exploit. I just imagine some really beautiful fabric choices, maybe from the home dec department?

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