Leather up front, comfy party in the back


Deep, dark confession of one of my biggest fashion struggles: I am always cold. The climate here is not friendly to fashion. Furthermore, I work from home, in front of a computer screen all day. I sit there, not moving or generating any body heat, and I get colder and colder and colder. I drink hot water like an old lady to keep warm.

So, on a daily basis I struggle with the pull to wear clothes that I love and made with my own 2 hands, and staying cozy in my jammies all day until shortly before I retrieve my girls from the bus stop.

I think these leather and knit “jeggings” fill a gap. They are warm, stretchy, comfortable, but I still feel great and stylish in them.

IMG_8849I admit that I blatantly copied my friend Jennifer from My Sewing Suite. I warned her I would, too! And now, of course, she is famous for those awesome pants, because she used the Style Arc Wallis pant pattern and they used her darling picture for their Etsy listing! I hope I can at least say I knew her back when…

I ended up using the BurdaStyle 6926, one of the collection of new patterns now available on Kollabora as an easily downloadable PDF. I wanted a simple pattern without the hassle of a zipper, since I will only be wearing them with a longer shirt, but I still wanted a few pant details – like back pockets and topstitching. It elevated them a bit from plain leggings but kept the comfortable elastic waist.

I went up one size because I didn’t want them skin tight. I took a small seam allowance, but then adjusted the fit as I sewed them. Just like everyone, I took some parts of the leg in more than others. If the leggings are too snug in the calves, it will literally drag the top of the pants down (this happens to me a lot).  I also added more than 2 inches in the length, some above the knee and some at the hem.


Fake pockets up front – classic jegging style

Another important point in fitting – I did not make a muslin and I have extra fabric in my front crotch area that bums me out. I believe I need to shorten the front fly seam by pinching out a bit there. But, you know how leather is – no take backs! So, it is what it is. I will take that lesson learned to my next pair of pants. I had a bit of that issue in my tweed pants, too, but it wasn’t as noticeable, so I ignored it. I resolve to compare that front curve to my beloved Jamie jeans next time I try a new pattern. Those fit me very well.

IMG_8878Real working pockets in the back, but fakes in the front! This will work great with the longer tops I will wear with them. Construction was easy and straightforward. I like to sew my legs together first into a tube, do the fitting to my leg shape, then sew the two legs together by putting one inside the other.  I topstitched down the outside of the legs, around the fake pockets, and around the faux fly.

This leather is the Perfection Fused Leather from Fabric.com that Jennifer used and I cannot recommend it highly enough! It sews beautifully and feels so nice! It has a bit of stretch and drape, but is not overly lightweight. I’m going to need it in all the colors, especially champagne and charcoal. You know how much I love incorporating leather into my projects, and this is much better  and easier than using real leather. No special needle required. For the back of the pants I used a beefy performance knit that I got as a remnant and it worked great, too. Good coverage, which is essential in any legging type situation.

IMG_8848A trick I recommend is to put the knit side down against your feed dogs when you sew the 2 different fabrics together. Let the feed dogs deal with the stretch for you, especially in the tricky situation of 2 such different weights and behaviors.

I am pretty sure these are going into my weekly rotation, maybe even pushing aside a jammie day! That would be a big style leap, for sure. I might even leave the house on Leather Jegging Day. Oh, the places I could go! Probably the fabric store, to be honest! 😉


14 thoughts on “Leather up front, comfy party in the back

    • Thank you! Every once in a while I try tea, but then it gets cold, then I heat it up, it gets too strong, I add water, it gets weak. I am no good at it! I should at least try some lemon in my hot water, though!

    • As per my leather pant role model, Jennifer, I pre-washed the leather and I will be able to wash them in the washing machine. I have not tried it yet. Just be sure to lay them flat to dry!

  1. Beautiful and you look great in these. I am still very much a beginner and havent managed to build up the courage to sew for myself but love these jeggings. I just discovered your blog and love your sewing.

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