2014 in review

reflections-on-2015I have managed to learn and get done quite a bit in the last year, thanks in a large part to the motivation of keeping up the blog and the encouragement of the online sewing community. I hesitated for a long time before starting this blog, knowing that it would take up a lot of the free time I have that I usually set aside for actual sewing. But I do think it has been a worthwhile trade-off. Don’t worry, I still sew A LOT. But the interaction I have here and elsewhere on the web has been wonderful!

My 2014 sewing story

Still new to blogging in January, I started getting into a groove of finishing and publishing projects once a week. The comments and encouragement I received brought me so much joy and made my weird, outdated hobby part of a worldwide community.  I sewed along with Project Sewn, here and here. I joined The Monthly Stitch and made my first swimsuit. I had so many ideas in my head, so the Project Indie Pattern Design contest excited and terrified me. I gave it a go and won! With their support, I released my first pattern, The Sandpoint Top. This was happening while my family went through a dramatic and life changing health emergency. While we adjusted to that, I kept sewing, but new pattern plans were pushed back. Instead, I signed up for 1 more fun challenge, the Pattern Review Sewing Bee. Fully expecting to be cut early, I was actually a finalist and even won the third round of the contest. It was a great finale to an amazing, challenging, fruitful year in the online sewing community!

I don’t think it’s necessary to do a top 5 or bottom 5 of the year, but I do like the idea of a little reflection. I hope writing this overview of my sewing will help me plan for the coming year and stay on track for making things I love and I wear. Sometimes those 2 categories are not the same garments, but they are both valuable for different reasons.

Some stats:


I sewed a total of 35 garments this year. My chart ended up being pretty well-balanced. I wear pants mostly, and I started making my own this year. But I still love to make dresses, even if they are not worn as frequently. “Other” in this case is a swimsuit and a bag. The bag was actually made in 2013 and given as a Christmas present, but I blogged about it this year. I made mostly tops, which is good, since I wear RTW jeans most days and love to wear handmade tops with them.

Most worn

Floral knit pants – so comfy and fun! Lesson learned – I like comfort (as long as it doesn’t look sloppy)


Most practical

Black jeans – I wear these with everything. Jeans are my go-to so it makes sense to sew more. But I should probably try a new pattern now, not just keep repeating the Named Jamie Jeans. jamiejeans7

Best for learning

Ikat jacket – The Sew Better, Sew Faster Craftsy class was really wonderful and I made my moto jacket with so much more confidence, even though they were vastly different styles.IkatJacket3

Most fabulous/fun

Kimono – I wore this a fair amount, even though it most assuredly wasn’t practical. The photos my 10 year old took turned out so lovely, too, with the solar flare!sewn kimono

Most exciting

Designing and releasing the Sandpoint Top. It was a rollercoaster of learning, work, elation and fun. Thank you to everyone for all your support!SandointWidget350W

Biggest disaster

Tweed pants – there is no reason I would want to wear pants without a bit of stretch to them, but these pants are so darn tight! Pity, since I took such care and loved the fun details. Yes, over-fitted is the exact right word.

Looking forward to the next year

I would like to make a wardrobe of my own workout clothes. I will be training for my 4th marathon and I have a time goal I am determined to meet this year. I absolutley need to have enough tops and shorts that I feel good in to carry me through the training. I hope it really elevates my running style (I run at 5:30AM, when it is dark as night, so right now it makes no difference what I wear, but I did notice how ridiculous I looked when my friend and I stopped for a break in a well-lit place and I wanted to run back out of there. A mix of oversized, color clashing and free tech t-shirts from races). Doesn’t Fehr Trade have some interesting patterns? I will be trying many of them out this year, as soon as I find suitable fabric.

I would like to make a coat. Currently my coats are all down-filled puffers and not at all stylish. I know it will be a big learning project. It may not happen this winter, but I do have fabric bought and patterns downloaded.

More pattern designing. My thoughts on this undertaking will be detailed in a subsequent post. I have many ideas!

2 thoughts on “2014 in review

    • Thanks! Jeans can be tricky to fit, but you can’t expect perfection the first time. The black ones are a little loose in the waistband, but I did better on my next pair. Happy New Year, Anne!

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