2014 in review

reflections-on-2015I have managed to learn and get done quite a bit in the last year, thanks in a large part to the motivation of keeping up the blog and the encouragement of the online sewing community. I hesitated for a long time before starting this blog, knowing that it would take up a lot of the free time I have that I usually set aside for actual sewing. But I do think it has been a worthwhile trade-off. Don’t worry, I still sew A LOT. But the interaction I have here and elsewhere on the web has been wonderful!

My 2014 sewing story

Still new to blogging in January, I started getting into a groove of finishing and publishing projects once a week. The comments and encouragement I received brought me so much joy and made my weird, outdated hobby part of a worldwide community.  I sewed along with Project Sewn, here and here. I joined The Monthly Stitch and made my first swimsuit. I had so many ideas in my head, so the Project Indie Pattern Design contest excited and terrified me. I gave it a go and won! With their support, I released my first pattern, The Sandpoint Top. This was happening while my family went through a dramatic and life changing health emergency. While we adjusted to that, I kept sewing, but new pattern plans were pushed back. Instead, I signed up for 1 more fun challenge, the Pattern Review Sewing Bee. Fully expecting to be cut early, I was actually a finalist and even won the third round of the contest. It was a great finale to an amazing, challenging, fruitful year in the online sewing community! Continue reading

Do you Kollabora?

I think Kollabora is such a lovely site. The design is bright and clean, it is very simple to navigate, and when I post my projects up there, it is super easy to link up the pattern or any supplies that I use. So you, as a browser, scroll through the projects, click on one to see which pattern did they use? And bam! All that info is right there. It is set up very thoughtfully.

kollabora1You can also buy stuff on there. You could go buy my pattern there, if you’d like. They have a multitude of PDF patterns available for instant download. And they just added a huge amount of Burda Style catalog patterns to instantly download. The price is very reasonable, too!

I am excited to try it out. You might laugh that I picked out a jeggings pattern (Burda young), but I hope it turns out cooler than it sounds. Here’s hoping! 196_6926_ysb

One last project for The Sewing Bee

This week was quite a challenge! We were all brainstorming in the discussion forum about what could they have in store for us for the final round that would really test our sewing skills. I was terrified that they would pick a tailored jacket or something I had never done. I was hoping it would be a holiday inspired outfit where I could go all out — I was overflowing with ideas that included sequins and maybe ostrich feathers? Anyway, that wasn’t it…Front-back BurdaPantsPants! Though I have finally conquered my fear of pants, and have made several pairs successfully, these are supposed to be out of non-stretch woven fabric! Super scary! The fit has to be perfect, no room for error. I had the hardest time finding fabric for the challenge, too, since the yardage I have accumulated for pants all have stretch in them. This tweed fabric was earmarked for a jacket when I felt ready to tackle that. Oh well. Who knows when that would be anyway! Continue reading