Roar! Winter Street Dress in Kelly Green

First, announcements…GrayDay Patterns is having a Thanksgiving sale of 30% off through this weekend. Of course, if you were an email subscriber, you’d already know that. This sale is just in time for The Monthly Stitch Sandpoint Top sew-along Kat is hosting. It is a quick, easy sew, and the sew-along will be just 30 minutes a day. Pick up your pattern today, grab just 1 yard of a lovely, drapey knit and subscribe to The Monthly Stitch to follow along! Did I mention there will be a prize?

Also, I was honored to be invited by the talented Seamstress Erin over to her blog for her Guest Series on Sewing and Style. She has had many talented sewists on her site, and I was thrilled to be asked! Check it out.

FrontAOn to the dress! I was permitted to move on to the third round of the Pattern Review Sewing Bee*UPDATE* I WON this round! And I get to compete with 10 other amazing sewists in the final, terrifying round! Whoo Hoo!
I find that to be amazing, because the level of sewists on that site is awe inspiring and intimidating. Even though I have been sewing for more than 20 years, I still chose to describe myself as “Intermediate” as opposed to “Advanced”. To me, advanced would be a person who knows every technique, and I feel I am still learning all the time.  Maybe I am on the higher end of Intermediate?

BackAOur challenge was to take the Winter Street Dress Pattern, designed by Pattern Review’s Deepika herself. We were encouraged to modify and make the pattern our own. What fun!

ZipperCloseUpAHere are my notes from my review on how I modified and sewed my dress: I added a lined and zipped collar by raising the neckline of the dress and measuring it to create a collar pattern. The collar is curved both at the top and bottom so it looks more sculpted than a workout jacket collar, I hope. Then I put the zipper on the diagonal. Against all odds, I put that zipper in perfectly, first attaching it to the outer fabric, then flipping it and attaching it the lining, then sewing up the top and flipping the whole thing right side out to attach to the neckline.

foldedCollarASewing the actual dress was quick and easy. I admit that I did not follow the directions closely, I just put it together like I normally put together a knit T. Shoulder seams, then flat setting the sleeves, then the sewing the sides and sleeves in one easy zip, all done with the serger. I did look at the directions to make sure I could put the sleeves in flat and there was no ease to deal with.

PocketDetailAThe pockets are sewn front bag to skirt front, then flipped and understitched, then attached the back to front of the pocket (the part that shows) along the bag, then baste the bag to the top of the waistband and sides. I ended up having to pick that basting out of the waist seam so I could put the pleats in, and then I could cover the pleat up with the pocket and it turned out looking very lovely inside! Yay!

SittingAThe flounce was sewn by putting the outside and lining together, RS to RS, then flipping, pressing and sewing the inside of the circle to the hem of the skirt.

HandsInPocketsAThat meant the only thing I needed to hem was the sleeves, which I used the twin needle for. The sleeves fit very snug, so I wanted to make sure the hem was very stretchy! WalkingA

Challenges like this are some of my favorites, because we have such specific parameters, and still just enough room to get creative. I’m anxiously awaiting whether I will make it to the final round, but I’m even more anxious about what that final round will entail. What if it is just free form, make something, make anything? That would be so hard for me! I would never be able to decide. I always have too many ideas. But if I don’t make it, I sure have had fun!

14 thoughts on “Roar! Winter Street Dress in Kelly Green

    • Thank you! The methods were not that complicated, but it is so hard to describe sewing techniques with words! I know that now after writing instructions for my pattern.

  1. You are just wonderful–creative and precise workmanship. I am also impressed with the fit of your dress. It is not always easy to fit ourselves. I just discovered your website but I will be sure to visit often. Your description of an advanced sewist made me smile. I have been sewing over 60 years and I may know the techniques but there are always new things to learn. I loved your post.

    • Wow, thank you! So glad to have you here at my blog! I am proud of the fit, because I actually took the time to make a muslin and it really helped. The thing about “advanced” is I feel like someone could say to me “Have you made bound buttonholes? Have you sewn formalwear? Have you tailored a jacket?” and I would hang my head in shame. But no one in this wonderful sewing community would do that, I’m sure! I just can’t bring myself to say advanced yet!

    • Thanks! I did win! So cool! I won a really fancy iron that is going to be great for the sewing room. Now I have to make pants for the last challenge. The catch– no stretch! I’m freaking out!

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