Movie Star Sighting!

MovieStarCostume3I don’t mind admitting that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love dressing up, I have 2 adorable girls to dress up, what day could be better?

MovieStarCostume1This year my 10 year old saw a beautiful sequined gown in the WishCraft catalog by Chasing Fireflies. 34522_mainThat catalog is so fun! I would totally order out of it, the workmanship is lovely, even though it is pretty expensive. But in this case we knew we wanted to make our own because “What is more fun than making a gown?”

MovieStarCostume4When we went to the fabric store we discovered the most amazing blue sequined fabric! The color was so unexpected and way better than mere pink or silver. It is sheer, so the dress is lined with a stretchy but stable shimmery blue almost athletic fabric. I can’t describe it, but it was perfect and, even though it may not be visible in the pictures, it does contribute to the glowing effect of the gown.

Simplicity9973JessicaMcClintockOf course there was no children’s sized halter gown patterns, but I actually happened to have owned this pattern for years so I graded it down several sizes. It is a Jessica McClintock, remember her? and I am certain I bought the pattern because of the model’s cute haircut. I yearned for a haircut like that but never pulled it off.  I had never cut the pattern in 15 or so years of owning it.

MovieStarCostume5I used a “new to me” technique. The dress was hanging a little blah (since my 10 year old doesn’t have any curves to fill out the dress) so I added fishing line to the hem so it would curl and stand away from her feet a bit. It worked! I serged over the fishing line, keeping the wire to the right of my needles but to the left of my knife. Then I folded it over and stitched over it again to secure it. The stretchiness of the fabric worked against me so it is not perfect, but it is just a costume and fun to try a technique I had been curious about for a couple years.

MovieStarCostume2I also made my costume, which I will post later. I’ll have to slip it on again to take better pictures for the blog. We had a busy Halloween afternoon trick-or-treating at my office building, then scarfing down dinner so we could go out in our neighborhood to trick-or-treat again! So much fun!


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