Oh look, there’s more! Sandpoint Tops, that is.

Not all of my pattern testers have blogs, so I get the exciting exclusive opportunity to show you these lovely ladies here on mine! How fun! Those that do are linked if you’d like to see their other work.

First up we have Suzanne, who was the first tester to finish and post pics for our group to admire. It was the first time I had seen someone else make up my design and it was so exciting!
Alana’s pretty pink one is so vibrant.
Cecellia made hers in a stunning aqua color.
Keren’s drapes into a thousand folds down the back
Gina chose a contrasting front band and her entire outfit is so cute!
GinaCollageBrianne used a pointelle knit, I love the texture.
Kirsty went classic black and white.
Nicoletta did a contrasting lace band to call attention to the design feature.
Jana made 2 gorgeous Sandpoints! I love the neon.

Katrina also made 2 Sandpoints in awesome patterned knits.

Rachel said her fabric was a little stiff to drape nicely in the back, but the fit and color are so lovely.
Emma wore her lovely plum version out for date night.

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