Roar! Winter Street Dress in Kelly Green

First, announcements…GrayDay Patterns is having a Thanksgiving sale of 30% off through this weekend. Of course, if you were an email subscriber, you’d already know that. This sale is just in time for The Monthly Stitch Sandpoint Top sew-along Kat is hosting. It is a quick, easy sew, and the sew-along will be just 30 minutes a day. Pick up your pattern today, grab just 1 yard of a lovely, drapey knit and subscribe to The Monthly Stitch to follow along! Did I mention there will be a prize?

Also, I was honored to be invited by the talented Seamstress Erin over to her blog for her Guest Series on Sewing and Style. She has had many talented sewists on her site, and I was thrilled to be asked! Check it out.

FrontAOn to the dress! I was permitted to move on to the third round of the Pattern Review Sewing Bee*UPDATE* I WON this round! And I get to compete with 10 other amazing sewists in the final, terrifying round! Whoo Hoo!
I find that to be amazing, because the level of sewists on that site is awe inspiring and intimidating. Even though I have been sewing for more than 20 years, I still chose to describe myself as “Intermediate” as opposed to “Advanced”. To me, advanced would be a person who knows every technique, and I feel I am still learning all the time.  Maybe I am on the higher end of Intermediate? Continue reading

Burda Desert Moto Jacket for the Sewing Bee

FrontA1Once the weather turned really cold, my sewing ideas turned to jackets. I love to wear jackets! I think they look great AND KEEP ME WARM. Also, I can wear them with jeans. All good reasons to make dozens, right? This Burdastyle Desert Moto Jacket has been on my wishlist for a while. Aren’t the style lines cool? Yes, but they are darn tricky to sew! Continue reading

Easy A-line

PRSelfDraftedSkirt2aAs soon as I saw that Pattern Review was holding a Sewing Bee type contest I got worked up. Ideas flooded my mind, I made a list that covered an entire page. I entered early and waited anxiously for the details on our first challenge. I seriously woke up at the crack of dawn that day to find out what it was. I saw it was an A-line skirt. I went back to bed.

PRSelfDraftedSkirt4a Continue reading

Oh look, there’s more! Sandpoint Tops, that is.

Not all of my pattern testers have blogs, so I get the exciting exclusive opportunity to show you these lovely ladies here on mine! How fun! Those that do are linked if you’d like to see their other work.

First up we have Suzanne, who was the first tester to finish and post pics for our group to admire. It was the first time I had seen someone else make up my design and it was so exciting!
Alana’s pretty pink one is so vibrant.
Cecellia made hers in a stunning aqua color.
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