Sweet, sweet kimono

DIY KimonoThis is a clear case of unrepentant frosting. What on earth is this kimono for? If it is cold, throwing a bit of chiffon over my shoulders isn’t going to help me. And if it is hot, I don’t want another sticky layer next to my skin. A kimono conundrum.
diy kimonoBut the glamour! Ah! So terribly pretty! The embroidery on this piece was a gift from the thrift store gods. A surprise gift, actually, because I bought the fabric for the lovely color and subtle texture, and only much later did I unfold the whole thing to reveal that beautiful beaded embroidery. Super-dee-duper score!
kimono-5beaded embroidery kimonoNow, making a kimono is about a 2 hour adventure, tops. I used this tutorial for the basic shape and measurements, but adjusted a little to fit my embroidery. I french seamed my sides and sleeves, then just roll hemmed the edges with my special machine. Couldn’t be easier.
sewn kimonoSo making this fun and totally unecessary bit of frosting took a grand total of $4 and 2 hours of work. But I feel like a million, trendy dollars sashaying around town in it.
chiffon KimonoJust the perfect little satisfying project to give me a break from slaving away at my pattern, my blog migration and redesign, and (ironically) a big promotion at work that tripled the hours I work. I still gotta squeeze some fun sewing in there, right, or what is it all for?
Sew Kimono
P.S. I set up a new gallery page under Lady Clothes, but I wonder how well it works for people IRL. Does it load? It took a bit for me, so I wonder…

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