Flowers all over my bottom half


I have been crushing on floral pants for a few months now. Look at the good ones I spied!

They are such a statement, and yet still look great in many different silhouettes and styles. And floral pants go with solid tops, but also look cute with stripes or other prints. I wish I had some examples to show you. After doing a fair bit of research (by perusing my favorite blogs in the name of science) I finally whipped a pair up in a frenzy.

Floral-Anima-pants1I am not disappointed. I love them! The pattern is the Anima pant again, but without the leg cuff. I did cut the leg cuff piece out, so if I want to add it later I can. I like having options! I actually remembered to alter my pattern and slim the leg down like I did with my blue ones, but these are certainly not tight. They need to be comfortable and the relaxed fit makes them more summery. Our summer here in the PNW has been hot, for once. I am digging it!

Floral-Anima-Pants2The fabric is a stable knit from Jo-Anns, I had a hard time finding just the right thing at my usual fabric store. Pants can’t be made out of any old thin knit, it has to be substantial. This is not as breathable as I would like, but I thought modesty and decency were more important in this case! I hand dyed the little rope at my waist to match. That little process consisted of me immersing the rope in a paper cup of dye and water and mixing every few minutes with a straw. No clean up, just throw the whole mess away after you’re done. Despite its ease, I am proud of this little detail.


I entered both my Anima pants into the Anima Pant Competition at Papercut Patterns. Sad to say that I did not win. There were so many great entries! I was proud of myself that I completed mine early (trying to get over my procrastination habit). And, it forced me to get an Instagram account. I could really waste some time looking at all those fun pictures.

This time I constructed the waistband with a simple casing so that it can be adjustable. I am glad I did, because I think I want to pull it in a tad. I like to err on the big side, but then I have to make adjustments after the item is already constructed, which I never want to do. I’m on to the next thing!


Look at my perfectly matching necklace! I actually had it in my closet already!

The next thing for me is writing a pattern! I have been thinking about patterns for a while, feeling the pull of a new creative venture and the push of terror in learning so many new skills. This first one isn’t all that ground breaking or amazing, but I did it! I almost quit several times, and there was much swearing and gnashing of teeth, but it is done. I will let you all see and hear all about it on Sunday, when The Monthly Stitch will announce the contestants for their Project Indie design contest. It is such a wonderful opportunity to be involved in that! I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks!Logo


16 thoughts on “Flowers all over my bottom half

  1. I thought your pants were great until I realized they were knit – then I thought they were awesome!!! I can’t believe that beautiful fabric is a knit! (I don’t have a JoAnn’s near me sadly) Your pants look great and it’s a shame they didn’t win – I’m excited to see your pattern though!

  2. Ooh, now you’ve made me crave floral pants! 😀 And I too can’t believe that’s a knit!! Congratulations on your first pattern, I’m excited to see what it is 🙂

  3. Love the pants!!! super cute will have to copy.
    Love the new pattern also, will have to vote soon.
    I am thrilled that we finally got to meet in person today, it inspired me to blog and sew again.

    • I was so glad to meet you, I almost popped out of my chair to hug you, while you were being introduced to everyone. Hee hee! I hope we see each other again soon. Blog the Colette skirt you made! I want to see!

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