A Lacy Staple Dress

Lacey-Staple-Dress3 The April Rhodes Staple Dress is not my most exciting make of all time, but the pattern is a great blank canvas for a fun fabric choice. In this case I used a unique lacy striped fabric I had been saving for ages. It is a sheer weave without much stretch that worked great for this shape, but does require a slip.

Lacey-Staple-Dress5 Of course I chose the hi-lo hem option. Yes, I may be over-doing this trend, but when I am sick of it I can just cut it off straight.

Lacey-Staple-Dress2I made a size small, which was plenty roomy for me. I just serged the whole thing with white thread and it worked well on this lacy fabric. Then, for added interest, I added a neckband, armband and hemband cut across the stripes. Without any stretch, the bands do droop a bit, but I still like them. I think it helps add a little something.


Two disappointments: From the front, the hi-lo is barely visible. Also, the lacy fabric would not allow for pockets (they would show through). Pockets are one of my favorite features of this dress. Maybe I’ll make another in a fabulous large scale print and be able to enjoy the pockets. I don’t think any of the dresses I’ve made have had pockets. Pity party!

Lacey-Staple-Dress6But check out that excellent stripe matching! I’m walking sideways into every room from now on. I’d better go practice that tricky maneuver!


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