Dive into the Cosi Swimsuit Blog Tour!

Cosi Swimsuit3 copyI’m thrilled to be part of the Cosi Swimsuit tour for Suz of SewPony.

There are going to be 20 bloggers on this tour because this swimsuit pattern has endless possibilities! There are no less than 7 views included with this baby! That is a lot of options.

I could only make 3 views my little old self, but I am confident after seeing everyone else’s interpretations I am going to need to make more. Oh dear!Cosi Swimsuit6

My favorite part of the Cosi Swimsuit is the panel options, giving me the opportunity to mix different fabrics, which is one of my favorite things to do. Evidence here, here, here, and here.CosiSwimsuitCloseUp

I don’t know if an entire swimsuit made from peacock fabric would be too much, but I suspect so. View F allowed for perfect placement of the print, keeping it on the awesome side of crazy. In fact, I liked the effect so much I made myself one also – my Bomb-lulu bikini. (Obviously using grown-up lady patterns.)

Cosi Swimsuit2The suit is fully lined with adjustable straps. Don’t fear the adjustable straps; they were easy. Just grab a bra to see how the ring and slider are attached. It is especially handy because the straps can stretch out after a while in that 4-way stretch material, so you can just cinch them up anytime.

Cosi Swimsuit ColdThe 1 modification I made was to ruche down the bikini waistline. It is really high-waisted, but I didn’t want to cut off the cuteness, so I ruched it just a bit down the sides so it hits right above her belly button.Cosi Swimsuit4

Cosi Swimsuit sittingWe went down to the football field and took photos, and I got them edited and done for the tour. Then I started feeling bad for my 5 year old. She felt really left out. She asked me to take some pictures of her, too. Of course I did, I love her sweet face so much, but I knew she was sad.

D's Cosi Swimsuit2So, I decided to just whip out another one that very day. I didn’t do the panels and made View C, but I did still get to mix fabrics by adding a leg ruffle! Yay!

D's Cosi Swimsuit1This lycra is nice and thick (a designer remnant), so I didn’t need to line it, and I just did easy halter tie straps, so altogether it took a mere 3 hours from conception to completion. We still had daylight left to take pictures, which she was super happy to do. She said “Ta-Da” a lot! She pulled out all her most enthusiastic poses for this one!D's Cosi Swimsuit3D's Cosi Swimsuit4

D's Cosi Swimsuit BackAnd here is a quick look at the tester suit I made for the pattern testing I did. This suit is View A and also fully lined. The middle panel on this suit did not turn out very ruched on the size 9, which is a problem that was noted and corrected in the final pattern. Cosi SwimsuitTest2Cosi Swimsuit Test3I thought it looked great, but my 9 year old said the top edge was itchy. She kept pulling at it. I might have pulled my elastic too tight, or maybe it was all the layers (fabric, lining, and elastic all bunched up in that seam). So I ripped the top seam off and added nice, soft fold over elastic. I especially like the pink with the baby blue. The contrast gives it a little something extra.Cosi Swimsuit Test1

So that is another variation you can try! Fold over elastic comes in all the colors of the rainbow or even printed FOE. I’ve seen polka dots, skulls, bows, oh my!

WAIT WAIT WAIT: You can buy your own copy of the Cosi Swimsuit here and if you use the coupon code COSITOUR15 from July 7-18 you get 15% off! That is quite a deal for a whole wardrobe of swimsuit options in 1 pattern!

And here are the dates for the rest of the pattern tour, so you can eagerly look forward to each day!



12 thoughts on “Dive into the Cosi Swimsuit Blog Tour!

  1. Awesome!! You did such a great job on the crossover straps!! So glad you like my pattern. You did a great job!! Thank you Helena:))

    • Yes, it is a lot softer! Baste the FOE to the back, then fold it over the front at the fold line and sew it down securely (and straight!). That way it doesn’t shift as much. Some people fold it over and stitch it in one pass, but that was too tricky for me, especially with the lining fabric!

      • When attaching it, should I be pulling the FOE at all to stretch, or just ‘laying’ it along the edges? Thanks for the help Helena – this is the first time I’m going to brave lycra and I’m a wee bit nervous πŸ˜‰

      • I think you still use the Cosi swimsuit measurements for elastic, and that length is just a bit shorter than the seam, so you pull it ever so slightly. Pin it in increments first!

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