No, they are Fashion Pants

papercut anima pants1Yes, these pants look a lot like sweatpants. The resemblance is uncanny. In fact, I was trying them on during construction and my 5 year old asked if I was making pajamas. “No”, I replied, “these are legitimate pants. Real pants. I swear it”. I’ve seen quite a few fashion bloggers pull it off. But can I pull it off?

papercut anima pants4The problem is that I live in the suburbs, and people wear sweatpants all the time, and it is not meant as a fashion statement. So, as a mom running around town, it can be very easy to be mistaken for someone wearing their pajamas out. I did what I could do to glam it up. It is easy to throw on a sequined tank top! And a jacket, of course.

papercut anima pants2This is the Papercut Anima pant made out of a lovely, thick double knit I found at Value Village. I had just 1 yard of the stuff so I had to construct the waistband, pant cuffs and packet facing out of a cotton jersey. Luckily I had just enough of that exact match left from my daughter’s twin sweatshirt and I didn’t have to purchase a single thing besides the pattern! I always think it is funny to say that so triumphantly when what that really means is I have so much stash I could sew day and night for a year and not need any more fabric. Shameful. And I just bought 3 more pieces this week!

papercut anima pants3These pants are very similar to the recently revealed Suzy pants, I can now see. Like the Suzy pants, I again had to slim the legs down a bit so that the “relaxed” fit didn’t fall into “sloppy.” The addition of the cuffs aided the fit, but also made it look more like sweatpants. What do you think?

Yes, I did happen to have the exact color of shoes. What can I say? I love blue! Maybe I should have named my blog “Blue All Day.”

papercut anima pants5I’ve been admiring Papercut patterns for quite a while now, but they are so expensive! I hadn’t felt good about spending that kind of money– see my above confession of fabric buying. But with the release of the less-expensive PDF patterns, I felt it was a great opportunity to finally try them out. And now I see I do like them. Oh no! I’m going to want more! There are several that I really like. The jackets and pants in particular. I really like their modern style!

I don't look convinced, do I?

I don’t look convinced, do I?

And I must admit that even if I am ambivalent about this pants style working on me, I’ll still wear the heck out of them. The double knit is warm, they are super comfy, and they are my favorite color. What’s wrong with sweatpants anyway?


20 thoughts on “No, they are Fashion Pants

  1. I think they look very hip, I work downtown in Seattle and have seen a few chic ladies wearing pants like this. I have wondered about sewing something similar especially in silk, now that would be like pajamas.
    Great choice.

    • Thanks, Jen! I am glad to hear Seattle is embracing this trend. The last couple times I’ve been downtown I haven’t seen it…it is glorious summer and all I saw were shorts and dresses!

  2. I’ve just finished mine and was browsing the net to see if my pyjamas feelings was just me or others too…. and no matter what your 5 year-ld said, I just love yours! This colour is wonderful and it works so well with your shoes and outfit. So congratulations on yours… mine still looks like some sort of pyjamas whereas yours look great and fashionable!

    • Oh thank you! But you and I both know that I will not only be wearing these pants with sparkly tank tops and fancy shoes…that is where we will see how they really fit into my wardrobe!

  3. Hi. Browsing your blog after seeing your entry on the monthly stitch. Just have to say that I love your blue anima pants! I saw them first on the papercut patterns page and they really stood out amongst the other entries. Good luck in the competition.

  4. You can TOTALLY do this look and I think you should make more, particularly in amazing colours which lift them them from track pants to a fashion statement! I have made two pairs this past week and am about to cut out a few more before blogging the lit. Just need to finalise the fit. Did you have any issues with the waistband?

    • Oh thank you! I just made another pair, too, that I need to take photos of. I did the waistband my own way. My waist measurement fluctuates, so I made a casing so the elastic can be adjusted. Sometimes I don’t follow the instructions!

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  6. Have just discovered your blog – I have just made the Anima pants myself out of a dark blue merino and feeling like you look in your last photo – unsure how to wear them (especially after my husband asked that I don’t wear them outside the house, ha!). But they are sooo comfortable and cosy …

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