Oh Bomblulu! My Franken-Indie Swimsuit

FrankenIndie1Here is my Franken-Indie! I’ve been excited about this contest as soon as it was announced. I still waited until the last minute to finish it, though…


I snapped up the Pattern Parcel this time, and it included the much admired Closet Case Files Bombshell swimsuit pattern. All the views are cute, and I have seen countless adorable and flattering versions all over the internet, but I was especially excited to see a bikini bottom option. I prefer 2 piece swimsuits actually.

FrankenIndie4The bombshell has such great instructions and even a sew-along to help you through it. I did cut off just an inch and a half from the top because it was a little too high-waisted for me, but other than that I assembled that pretty easily. The fiddly gathering is a pain, but just takes patience. I suffered through it!

FrankenIndie8For the top I turned to the Jasmine bra pattern by Oh Lulu. Sarah wrote a great tutorial on how she adapted that pattern to make herself a bikini. Following along with that tutorial, in addition to the instructions on the Jasmine pattern, it wasn’t too difficult at all. I did make a muslin first, but the sizing worked perfectly for me.

FrankenIndie6I am especially proud of the boning I incorporated!  I also put in cups for support, so I used several new techniques. And putting the different fabrics together was a fun creative challenge for me!

The lovely gold clasp in the back, the boning and even the swimsuit cups came from a bikini top I picked up from Goodwill. It was $3.99, and I am certain that is a lot less expensive than getting those bits and pieces from the fabric store or Etsy. The boning was already cut and encased, which I appreciated!

An especially fun part of this project is the fact that I sewed it in various states of undress. I had to try it on quite a bit, and so at times I would discard my pants, my shirt, even had to be completely topless while fitting the bikini top band. My husband greatly appreciated that. But I do find myself indecent fairly often when sewing. That is normal, right? Anyone? Anyone?

UPDATE: I won! So exciting and amazing!



4 thoughts on “Oh Bomblulu! My Franken-Indie Swimsuit

  1. Beautiful swimsuit! Great combo of patterns, and fabric! I just finished a similar suit with the bombshell bottoms and also had to cut off a significant amount from the top edge. That last picture is so great with the shoes and the sunnies 🙂

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