Nothing says Summer like a Maxi Dress


I love maxi dresses because:

  1. Easy 1 piece dressing
  2. Long skirt = high glamour
  3. Comfortable as a muumuu
  4. No shaving of legs required
  5. Stay nice and cool

monthlystitchdress4I’ve used this Lekala #4142 pattern before and that top was a great success. I love the pattern for the opportunity it affords me to mix fabrics. That is one of my favorite creative things to do. This time I chose a deep blue chambray to go with this beautiful printed jersey. I didn’t want it to match exactly, but blend and add texture.monthlystitchdress3

When I tried my previous incarnation of this pattern on, I noticed that I wanted to scoop out the front a bit more and cut the underarm pieces a little longer. Then I just extended the pattern pieces for the blouse from the hip with my ruler slanting slightly out. I didn’t want a full skirt, just enough room at my feet to walk comfortably. Another thing I added was after I basted the side seams together I realized the weight of the dress length pulled down the side seams so they ended up droopy and sad. To combat that, I sewed some seam binding into my serged seams just down to my waist to keep it from sagging. That worked great and the seam binding is nice and lightweight in there, so it doesn’t make my seam bulky and stiff.

Matched up the pattern across the side seams

Matched up the pattern across the side seams

The placket once again had me sweating – it is so scary to cut your perfectly great dress right down the front! The placket sewing was so fiddly and precise, but it all came out in the end and I’m so proud! I love my little mother of pearl buttons and I cleverly remembered to interface my placket so I could put in buttonholes. Fully functional button placket FTW!

monthlyStitchdress1This is my entry to the Monthly Stitch dress competition. 2014_06_vote_simple01There is a vote to determine the winner. Anyway, it sounds fun! Check out the Monthly Stitch to hear all about Indie pattern month. They are running 4 of these little contests, and I hope I can enter another if I can whip another little something up.

monthlystitchdress6Even more interesting is a pattern making contest they are hosting, and that has me wildly excited. I have so many ideas for that (with next to no knowledge of how to execute them, however). As a seamstress I love having so many options for putting my own personality into my creations. But what if I could even make my own patterns?!? The possibilities would be endless! That idea gets me so excited! The deadline is tight to have a finished and graded pattern, but I could at least try to start learning more about pattern making.


9 thoughts on “Nothing says Summer like a Maxi Dress

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  2. I love this!! Oh I wish I was more confident with clothes. This looks so light and cool and your work is always so professional. I like the way you mixed the fabric and the color choices. I adore your shoes with it too – perfect.

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