No, they are Fashion Pants

papercut anima pants1Yes, these pants look a lot like sweatpants. The resemblance is uncanny. In fact, I was trying them on during construction and my 5 year old asked if I was making pajamas. “No”, I replied, “these are legitimate pants. Real pants. I swear it”. I’ve seen quite a few fashion bloggers pull it off. But can I pull it off? Continue reading

Oh Bomblulu! My Franken-Indie Swimsuit

FrankenIndie1Here is my Franken-Indie! I’ve been excited about this contest as soon as it was announced. I still waited until the last minute to finish it, though…


I snapped up the Pattern Parcel this time, and it included the much admired Closet Case Files Bombshell swimsuit pattern. All the views are cute, and I have seen countless adorable and flattering versions all over the internet, but I was especially excited to see a bikini bottom option. I prefer 2 piece swimsuits actually.

FrankenIndie4 Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s to me! The Liebster Award

20140428-101225Thanks to Jen from My Sewing Suite, I got nominated for this little award that helps promote new blogs. That is so super nice! Then, before I could get my act together and write up this post, the sweetie over at Dressing The Role also nominated me! That means it took longer to write this post than is excusable, but I enjoyed it so much and I really appreciate the nominations! Continue reading