Hemlock beyond recognition

pinkHemlock5Now, if you are here to see how Grainline’s Hemlock Tee fits, this is not your post. I made many alterations to this pattern and I didn’t keep very good track of the how or why of it. But I finally ended up with a great T-shirt that I love wearing! This soft, drapey jersey is so lovely. It was $2 a yard in LA, and I also made my daughter a shirt from it.

pinkHemlock2I knew that the Hemlock has a big, boxy shape, so at first I just moved the fold line over to make it slimmer. I cut that out, then used the limited fabric I had left for the sleeves (that is the “design” behind the shorter sleeves). I cut the neckband a little shorter, as I knew I had made the neckline smaller with my first alteration, and sewed it together. I popped that on and hated it! It looked like a badly fitting X-large men’s T with a tight crewneck. It was very bad. I should have got a picture of the badness for you.

I wadded it up and put it in the corner for a while. I finally got out my scraps and had just enough to cut out a new neck band piece, slightly longer. I cut out the old, making the neckline bigger, cutting it a little extra wide, then added the new band, crossing my fingers. It worked! Now I really like how it falls, even though I have no idea how to recreate it! I used the double needle around the neckband and hem.

pinkhemlock3The sleeves needed a little something, too. So I slimmed them down toward the elbow and then added a band to take them from “long short sleeves” to “elbow length.” I like where those ended up now, too.

But you can see that it was quite a process to get to this point! Maybe I should have just followed the pattern to begin with and cut some width out. That might have been a little easier than this long, circuitous road to a plain pink T-shirt! But at least it fits right into my MMM plan. I’ve already worn it twice, FTW!



4 thoughts on “Hemlock beyond recognition

  1. Have you ever tried the Deer & Doe Plantain? It has a similar vibe to your t-shirt, just the sleeves are more fitted.
    Love that look and those jeans especially! Named should pay you, so are modelling them so well!

    • I have not tried the Plantain yet, but I should. It sounds like it would be less work, and I like tighter sleeves. Thank you about the jeans! I’m going to make more pairs…they just take so long to make!

  2. Great job! I love it when a pattern hack runs amok and through our talent and stubbornness (perseverance??) it comes out great! AND…. bonus…. the color looks great on your too!!

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