Nothing can stop me now – I made jeans!

Jamiejeans2A whole world is opening up to me. I see life in a brand new way. I can create my most beloved garment, in every shade, in every length, in every pocket style! I am on top of the world!

jamiejeans7I know I have already admitted on this blog my jeans habit. My sewing life is evolving to include more practical garments that will see wear throughout the year. Yes, dresses are fun to sew, fun to twirl in, and I do wear them sometimes. But since I took a closer look at my actual worn clothes I’ve noticed predominantly jeans, so, accordingly, I’ve made a several tops to go with my wardrobe staple (Matilde blouse, Lace Sleeved Shirt, Peplum blouse). That improved my Me Made wears quite a bit! Good job me! But…

blackjeansinsidepocketNow that I can make my own jeans, oh wow! I sure hope there are a few sewing nerds out there that can relate to my joy here.

These are the Jamie Jeans by Named Patterns, and I do love this pattern to bits. The sizing was tricky for me, even after my muslin, because of the different weights of denim, but the cool details are worth it. The muslin was again mainly to help me feel confident with jean-making techniques as well as fit, so I did spend quite a few hours on them. In the end, I didn’t finish the muslin, even though I had worked through my fit issues on them, because of the weight of the denim. It was much too stiff and heavy, even with stretch, to be very comfortable. Lesson learned. I recommend a lighter and stretchier denim for this pattern if you want a snug fit that remains comfortable.

blackjeans1On my muslin I tried out gray topstitching, which read as white on the dark black denim, and I did not care for it. On this pair I went ahead with black topstitching. Not as dramatic, but I like how it turned out, since the fabric is not nearly as dark. I did use the dark muslin denim as my front pocket contrast! And I lined that front pocket in polka dot cotton for funsies.

Jamiejeans3Surprisingly, the zipper and fly front went in smoothly and easily, with no basting. Whoa. Maybe because I had practiced so many times doing it wrong on my 2 Moss skirts? I don’t know, but the front is smooth and the zipper is functional. Win!

jamiejeans6Fit adjustments – I made an 8, but perhaps should have just made a 6 and loosened the calves. I had read several times how tight the calves were, so I cheated my seam allowance down there, but then had to take the thighs in, take a dart in the waistband, and really should have recut the yoke smaller, but I had already sewn it together and topstitched, so I didn’t. I’m going to quickly make those adjustments on my pattern as soon as I am done writing this so I don’t forget.

jamiejeans4But making them slightly too big and in this wonderful denim resulted in some very comfortable jeans. I did totally forget to put belt loops on it (I’ll go back and do that soon) so not wearing a belt also contributes to the comfort level!

Look at me in the photo above gazing lovingly at my new jeans. You must have many siblings, I decree! Many more jeans to join my flock!



25 thoughts on “Nothing can stop me now – I made jeans!

  1. These are fabulous!!! I have my denim awaiting these jeans. I’m just too terrified to start. I’ve never sewn a fly front pair of pants and that alone is enough to have me running for the hills. But all the possible fit issues too? Not sure I have the patience. But jeans are also my uniform and I really want to try these out. Such a great job!

    • i know your fear! Running through the entire process on my muslin really helped. If I made a mistake, that’s okay, it’s just a muslin. But if they turned out, then I could wear them. I never used to have the patience for muslins, but they have been really helping my confidence lately.

  2. I love them! The fit is great and they looks very finished and polished. Plus they could slip into looking like pants despite being jeans. I’m not much of a jeans wearer myself, so, so far, I haven’t ventured into jeans territory.

  3. They look amazing! I made my first pair of Jamie jeans a year ago and never went back to fix the fit issues. But you have motivated to me try them again!

  4. These look great on you, it makes me want to try the pattern. Did you also make your shirt? I love it.

    • Thank you! No, I didn’t make the shirt. It is one of my favorites, just bought at regular old Macy’s but it is super soft and feels special.

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