The glamorous blush cascade skirt

cascade skirt1This skirt makes me feel like a very fancy lady swishing to and fro. But in fact, it is a very simple skirt to make and easy to wear as well. I put it with my sequined tank top from Old Navy ($15 on clearance), so I didn’t need to wear a bunch of accessories. And even though I like to wear fancy shoes for pictures, it works equally well with flat sandals. I know I am going to wear this all summer!



The Cascade Skirt by Megan Nielson has only 2 seams, so it was simple and quick to apply french seams. Really, it isn’t that much more work than sewing then serging the SA. The only extra step was the trimming, which I don’t mind really. I did take an inch and a half from the hem of the back piece because I did not want it to quite hit at my ankles, and I like how the hi-lo hem turned out; pronounced but not overwhelming. It does dip quite low, even with my modification. For reference, I am 5’9″.

Be advised that you may show a lot of leg!

Be advised that you may show a lot of leg!

I really recommend this pattern for a quick, easy project or for beginners. And what lovely, dramatic results! It took me a total of 2 hours to cut, french seam both sides, hem with my serger, and attach the waistband. I did add the buttons and buttonholes, which I felt was more secure, though now that I’ve worn it I can see how the ties would be great to make it adjustable after a big lunch.

cascade skirt waistbandAs a matter of fact, we went to a Brazilian steakhouse in Las Vegas- it advertised as a “Parade of Meat.” They were not kidding. Waiters came by your table with big skewers and cut slabs of meat for you, all you can eat! It was quite a feast and I left lunch wishing I had chosen the waistband tie option!

cascade skirt4I hope the pictures accurately depict the dimension of the fabric color. It has pale threads running one way and a brighter pink across, making it shimmer. I couldn’t think of a more perfect pattern to emphasize this feature in the fabric– the circular nature of the skirt makes it move and flow in all directions. It is so satisfying to pair the correct pattern and fabric! The piece was a remnant, so I don’t know the content, but it is bottomweight and wrinkly, but has lovely drape and such a unique color.

Look at that lovely drape!

Look at that lovely drape!

For the waistband I am continuing to use the burrito method taught by Islander Sewing Systems. It results in beautiful corners every time, so now instead of dreading that fiddly, tricky bit, I disregard any pattern directions and just do it that way. As much as I appreciate detailed, comprehensive directions (and Megan’s are great, I assure you) having a handful of tried and true methods for finishing things like zippers and waistbands help speed things up and now I charge into a project with new confidence.

cascade skirt5


8 thoughts on “The glamorous blush cascade skirt

  1. that skirt! those kicks!!! the meat house!

    actually, i’ll leave off the meat house… i’ve been to one of those, and always leave wishing i had turned the red side of my coaster over. but really, how do you refuse seven different kinds of pork?

    • Yay! You know how sometimes that happens, but most of the time I just second guess my choices. Maybe it is inevitable to second guess when there are so many choices a seamstress must make?

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