MMM Week 1: Not as easy as I thought!

The start of my exciting inaugural Me Made May has been littered with stumbling blocks. Let’s take a look, shall we?
Yay! The first day of May was a scorcher here in Seattle, with temps in the 80s (unheard of and very welcome!). I was happy to throw on my plaid miniskirt and chiffon blouse. Problem #1: I took this photo directly after my nap and put my blouse back on inside out. I didn’t notice until I was at the mall, surrounded by people. I could not get to a bathroom stall fast enough!
5-2On Friday I woke up very early to fly to Las Vegas and see my family. I was very excited to wear my really green skirt. Though I did not make that striped tank top, I did make that lovely rayon infinity scarf. I quickly took my picture before we got out on the town and you can see I look like I just emerged from a cave. It was so bright there, so BRIGHT! And I was so tired for some reason, despite being so excited to see my family and be on a trip.
5-3On Saturday we had a long day of shopping for a wedding dress for my soon-to-be sister-in-law. But, alas, I had completely lost my voice! I was coming down with something, and coming down hard. Then we headed to an engagement dinner, then ran (literally) to get to our show. We saw Ka at the MGM Grand. I literally fell asleep twice during that show. I don’t recommend either Ka, the show, or coming down with a cold/sore throat/plague while in Vegas! My peacock dress was awesome all day, though. Las Vegas is really windy and the lining did it’s job well and kept me covered while the chiffon billowed in the breeze dramatically. Too bad we didn’t get a more exciting backdrop for the pic.
5-4Now, Sunday, I am so ill. We have been running around Vegas from morning until late late each day and I am so tired. No, I didn’t wash my hair, so I had to plop on a hat. I was so excited to wear my brand new Cascade skirt (that I will blog about very soon) and my Vogue textured top. I’ll admit it was a lot of hi-lo skirt action that weekend, but I was so excited to enjoy them in the beautiful weather. I had planned on a few hours to myself after the rest of my family had departed but before my late flight was scheduled. I ended up huddled in the airport for 4 hours nursing hot tea and wrinkling the heck out of this skirt by trying to wrap myself up in it.

So, I’ve got no picture for Monday, May 5th, because I literally didn’t get out of bed. I was both exhausted and quite ill. I was not about to take a picture!

TuesdayI’m up and about again on Tuesday and doing all the things that needed doing. Not a very creative outfit, it was the exact outfit I made for the Sew Weekly Reunion.Β  I ran around all day, happy to be checking items off my list. My husband thought I was crazy because I still sounded like death and the cough had arrived in full force. I was undeterred, until late afternoon when I realized I am still sick. Maybe sicker? How is that possible?

So, no picture for Wednesday, either. The week was disappointing when measured by my challenge goal, but I do realize I need to add some me made pajamas into rotation. Then I could have kept up! I hate to fail!



10 thoughts on “MMM Week 1: Not as easy as I thought!

  1. Oh dear, I hope the cold goes away soon, I love your peacock dress, very pretty. And you haven’t failed!! Your me-made clothes are great! πŸ™‚

  2. Your outfits were great! You shouldn’t think you’ve failed at all this week – you were ill. I’ve had a couple of days of wishing for me made pajamas too but that was just out of laziness!

  3. o dear!! Isn’t a cold the worst non-bad thing in the world? I always think I am about to die! I do like your outfits though. Hope you get back to normal soon.

  4. Your outfits were great and I agree with the others, you haven’t failed. Being sick is something we can’t help.Keep going, I love to see me-made clothes being used in various outfits.

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