Suzy pants are easy pants!

SuzyPants2Oh the joy of making my own pants! No, I’m not over it yet. It still brings me such satisfaction. These are simple and comfy, but still unique and trendy.

So, I wasn’t ready to dive into another pair of labor-intensive jeans, even though my first ones were highly successful and I am wearing them (too?) often. I thought I would try something a little easier… little did I know how much work these would be. Continue reading


Hemlock beyond recognition

pinkHemlock5Now, if you are here to see how Grainline’s Hemlock Tee fits, this is not your post. I made many alterations to this pattern and I didn’t keep very good track of the how or why of it. But I finally ended up with a great T-shirt that I love wearing! This soft, drapey jersey is so lovely. It was $2 a yard in LA, and I also made my daughter a shirt from it. Continue reading

The glamorous blush cascade skirt

cascade skirt1This skirt makes me feel like a very fancy lady swishing to and fro. But in fact, it is a very simple skirt to make and easy to wear as well. I put it with my sequined tank top from Old Navy ($15 on clearance), so I didn’t need to wear a bunch of accessories. And even though I like to wear fancy shoes for pictures, it works equally well with flat sandals. I know I am going to wear this all summer! Continue reading

MMM Week 2 – Sunny days made it easy!

Thank goodness we have been blessed with such glorious weather around here! The truth is, I was (and am) worried about what me mades will actually be able to keep me warm when the weather turns back to its regularly scheduled drizzle. But that, my friends, is a worry for another day!


Did my hair fancy style, too.

Friday was chilly, but I had my cozy sweater dress on, so no problem. Continue reading

April Sewing Stats- How much time do you spend in your sewing lair?

Hi there! Have you ever wondered how much and when do other seamstresses get their sew on? I know I do! Am I just terribly nosy? Perhaps. But in the interest of science and blog fun, I decided to track my sewing for the month of April to see how much and on what projects do I spend my free time. Isn’t everyone’s free time spent sewing?

April Sewing TotalsTurns out, I spent 46 and a half hours sewing in April! Holy Cow! That is highly unusual, I suspect, but I will need more data to determine (I might as well just keep this experiment up for a few months. I, at least, found it fascinating). A big factor in all that free time was my paid work was slow. I am a content coordinator for a website, and sometimes there are lots of updates and changes, and sometimes there isn’t. That works great for me, I like things flexible, and I work from home. So, lucky me, I had lots of extra time this month to spend in my favorite room of the house!

Maybe this had something to do with my productivity last month?

Maybe this had something to do with my productivity last month?

Another factor in April was my excitement over 2 big projects– my Ikat jacket and making my first pair of jeans. Both of these were so fun I couldn’t tear myself away! I also made a full muslin of the jacket that took 10 hours (while stopping frequently to watch the Craftsy class Sew Better, Sew Faster) and I muslined the jeans, also. The actual jeans are not even finished yet, but in the end, I hope to have a great pair of black jeans I can wear with everything and a Tried and True pattern so I can make every color and crazy pattern of jeans imaginable. I live in jeans 9 days out of 10, so making my own pairs would be a game changer for me!

The Cascade skirt is finished and you get a sneak peek of it in my MMM Week 1 round up. It will be fun to style up and take pictures of for the blog, but I don’t think I’ll have much to say on the construction. Only 2 hours from start to finish. It sure was a nice easy skirt after these giant monster projects I have taken on lately.

I noticed that I would spend about an hour a day sewing, skipping some days, but then spending a good chunk of time on Sunday getting deep into it. Does everyone in your family call it “Sew Sunday” also? That’s a thing, right?

I would love to know how much time others spend sewing, how long projects take them, and how they fit it all into their busy lives. I guess I’ll just admit I’m nosy. There, I said it.

MMM Week 1: Not as easy as I thought!

The start of my exciting inaugural Me Made May has been littered with stumbling blocks. Let’s take a look, shall we?
Yay! The first day of May was a scorcher here in Seattle, with temps in the 80s (unheard of and very welcome!). I was happy to throw on my plaid miniskirt and chiffon blouse. Problem #1: I took this photo directly after my nap and put my blouse back on inside out. I didn’t notice until I was at the mall, surrounded by people. I could not get to a bathroom stall fast enough! Continue reading