Sewing Double for The Monthly Stitch

plaidMoss1No, this orange plaid mini does not integrate into my MMM plan at all, but The Monthly Stitch made me do it!

plaidMoss2“Sewing Double” is the challenge and I can think of no better pattern than the Grainline Moss Mini. This skirt is an easy wearing staple of my wardrobe and it was fun to quickly whip up a 2nd version while the first one was fresh in my mind.

plaidMoss5I matched the plaid so much better than that houndstooth version. Yippee!

plaidMoss4But to avoid matching things at the yoke I turned that piece on the bias. I put some seam binding in my seams as I sewed the yoke to the skirt to stabilize it, but the yoke fabric still wrinkles a bit. I guess that wasn’t such a brilliant idea. The truth is I like these straight skirts so I can wear something less fitted on top and I don’t think I’ll be tucking them in, so it likely won’t show.

plaidMoss6The fly zipper was much easier to insert this time (though I still had to do it twice). I am hoping all this practice makes perfect on the jeans I am working on now. I must have jeans completed for Me Made May. I can’t imagine what I’ll be wearing all month without a pair of jeans to fall back on. Yes, I might be in a bit of a “comfort zone” with my style lately, but I honestly get so darn chilly in skirts without leggings that I’m pretty miserable. Please summer, show your sunny face!

plaidMoss3Not that a sewing blog is anything but a big show-off platform, but I do have to mention that this awesome vintage double knit was a $2 score from Value Village. I am super proud of that. The zipper cost more than the rest of the skirt! It has such awesome texture and a little bit of stretch to make it quite comfortable. But the shorter length is a direct reflection of the small amount of fabric I had. I would have liked it a little longer. But it is still pretty okay for a $4.50 skirt!


3 thoughts on “Sewing Double for The Monthly Stitch

  1. I love how the solution to the problem “it’s too cold to wear skirts without leggings” is to make jeans, rather than just leggings! The skirt looks awesome though, I’m so jealous of people that can get away with this skirt (the style is not right for my body shape)

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