A slinky take on a sweatshirt

GussiedUpSweatshirt4I have to admit that I adore this current “gussied up” sweatshirt trend I’ve seen everywhere. I know I’ve mentioned that the name of my blog comes from the weather here in the PacNW. I tend to be cold quite often. And that means that if I didn’t love beautiful clothes and fashion so much I would be perfectly happy in a sweatshirt 80% of the time. But, alas, I do love cute clothes, and I try to pull it together, at least part of the time.

GussiedUpSweatshirt1So this is a perfect piece to add to the arsenal for fending off my near constant chill. It was one of my planned pieces as I gear up for MMM ‘14. I acknowledge that, as much as I hope we will get some bright, spring-like weather in May, it is certainly not guaranteed. I’m going to need to stick to longer sleeves for a while yet.

The floral front panel is a slinky knit found in the LA garment district for $2.00/yard. I bought just 1 yard, but they cut generously and it was plenty for me to cut the front out, totally ruin that version, and cut another one out. I also had quite a bit of the royal blue rayon jersey, luckily.

GussiedUpSweatshirt5I used a pattern from my Sew U Home Stretch book. But I did not realize it was more of a baseball T-shirt type fit, with lots of negative ease. So I did add a little to the seam allowance, but not nearly enough. Also, I think I have some broad shoulders that I need to start accounting for. I sewed up the first one on my serger and realized how ridiculously tight it was. Not at all the look I was trying to achieve! I finally hit on the brilliant idea of grabbing the sweatshirt I was copying as a guide for the measurements. Why didn’t that occur to me at first? I ended up adding an inch and a half to all the seams to get this relaxed fit.

GussiedUpSweatshirtCloseUpI added some little ruffled elastic in the front shoulder seams. I basted that in with a zig zag on the sewing machine then serged right over it when I had it placed correctly. I just wanted to add a little something to make it my own.

It ended up just as I envisioned (the second time around), but don’t worry, I’ll be putting my too small first version to good use. You’ll see that on the blog soon.

GussiedUpSweatshirt3Look how my gear up pieces are already playing so nicely together! The skirt really does act like a neutral, even with that big floral print on top. The plan is beginning to take shape! Exciting! Speaking of the MMM’14 plan, here is my pledge:

I, Helena, of Gray All Day, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14, and commit to wearing all me made outfits for the duration of May. That means all major pieces in my outfit will be me made, but not undies, camis, accessories or coats, and I might need to wear sweaters that I did not knit (I still don’t know how to knit!).


Wins Losses
-Relaxed fit finally achieved-Slinky knit matched well with the rayon jersey-Successful application of ruffled elastic Entire first version was a fail-The neckband could be pulled tighter-The seam where I joined the neckband sticks out

I linked up to Share In Style…their theme was flowers! How perfect!


5 thoughts on “A slinky take on a sweatshirt

  1. I love your top and so happy you had enough fabric to make this one. The ruffle trim is cute and the sweatshirt with the skirt is adorable. Great job.

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