Mathilde blouse & info overload at the Sew Expo

Mathildeblouse1I found a BLUE rayon print with NEON yellow and my favorite MAUVE color, too! I love this print so hard. I buy blue and/or gray fabric every time I find myself in a fabric store, so this fits right into my MO, but with colorful accents. Excellent!

mathildeblouse2And yes, I made yet another cute blouse to go with jeans? I can now go a full week wearing my own makes but still staying in my cozy jeans. I feel like my wardrobe is really shaping up!

The Mathilde blouse is fun to sew and I love the fit. I liked the sew along directions, which I followed, but I plan on making this again and using the checklist next time. But even though I like this blouse so much, it was not without its bumps in the journey.

mathildebouse3Bump #1–I carefully sewed the pintucks (first time for me!) Then I laid the top across my chest to admire my work and realized they weren’t centered! Doh!  They were correctly spaced, just both sets were shifted over. Stupid, stupid. I didn’t have enough extra fabric to cut out a whole new front, so I really had to finesse it over; recut the armholes on the one side and shortened the side darts. And, miracle of miracles, it all worked out! I adore this top! I want to make 20 more. How many of the same shape top with giant bell sleeves can I get away with? I guess I’ll let you know.

Bump #2— I only bought 6 buttons, because I did not refer back to my pattern while at the store, but in actuality it calls for 7. It took me over 3 weeks to get myself over to the other Hobby Lobby (since I had bought up the last of them at our closest Hobby Lobby) and the blouse was sitting on my dress form, mocking me, waiting for that one single button forever. Needless to say I was so excited when it was finally done and I could wear it. Yay for anticipation!

mathildeblouse4I definitely recommend the pattern. My silky rayon draped beautifully. The gathered sleeves are a nice design. Even though they are full, they are not annoyingly so and still fit under the coat I must wear constantly in this never-ending rain.

I did get to attend the famous Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup for a mere 4 hours. I loved every precious minute of it (except perhaps the part where I got there so early that it wasn’t actually open yet and I had to sit and stare at the vendors longingly. Sewing nerd alert!). I took 3 classes– 2 on fitting and 1 on couture sewing techniques. The 2 fitting classes were great, but taking them back-to-back was so funny because the teachers taught the most opposite philosophies you can imagine! That kind of blew my mind. One was teaching from a patternmaker’s perspective (very interesting, but many times it flew right over my head!) and the other taught from a draping perspective (easier to visualize, but I don’t know how skillful I will be at copying the technique!) Anyway, I got A LOT of information that my mind is sifting through.

I am most excited about the people I met—I got to meet Amy from Sew Well (and her tiny newborn! It was hard to resist petting her sweet head!) and Leah from And Away I Sew! I also met some people from my local sewing Guild that I promise to start attending. Through my new BFF Leah I met a Craftsy teacher Laura Nash who had some great patterns and lots of interesting info on the Craftsy experience. Leah took me all around to the vendors that I had missed the last time I had attended and then we went on a wild goose chase to find the Islander Sewing booth. We never found it, but I decided I will take the “Sew Better, Sew Faster” Craftsy class even though I am not wild about the jacket pattern. Apparently the Islander Sewing techniques you learn are really valuable, so I am going to give it a try!

mathildeblouse5I didn’t buy any fabric (what a saint I am!) but I did get some super skinny and lightweight wonder tape stuff and a roll of bias fusible stabilizer. I can’t wait to try it out! And try out my new knowledge of fitting.

IMG_5009My next project will apparently be the Vogue color blocked dress, according to The Monthly Stitch votes cast. That whole voting process was great—I loved seeing the comments and I loved going out to vote for everyone’s projects, too! It really made me feel like part of a  community!

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