Sophisticated (little) Lady

houndstooth skirtI’m so super pleased with how this ruffled skirt turned out. The pattern is from the Lekala website, which I’ve used a few times and has been fine, but I worried about the lack of directions. Lekala has very bare-bones instructions and so, for my last couple of makes I just ignored them and put the garments together my own way. But in this case, the pattern pieces are not well labeled, so I was worried. I needn’t have stressed. You can lay out all your cut pieces and glance at the diagram to get a sense of which ruffle goes where, and then just put them together in your desired order. Easy, peasy, and it turned out so cute! The houndstooth flannel is soft and easy to work with, too. I’ll be making this pattern several more times for the girls.

houndtoothSkirt1Lekala patterns are unique because you send in your measurements and they grade the pattern and send the exact size. This has been great so far. I always spot check the fit as I go, which is still valuable because there are NO descriptions at all of the pattern or how the fit is supposed to end up, so small adjustment still need to be made. I do like how they ask for your height, so the patterns come with length added for my tallness. But for the girls it means I have the pattern in just one size, and my children, in addition to being 4 ½ years apart in age, are vastly different in bodies types.

HoundstoothskirtbackI’m going to try to just modify the pattern I have for my five-year-old, but I might have to buy another with her measurements specifically. It is not the $2.50 I mind, it is the printing and taping together of another pattern! Even though I love the convenience of print at home patterns, printing and assembling them is my least favorite part. I have 2 Colette and 2 Victory patterns I’ve have bought and downloaded but haven’t gathered my energy together enough to print and assemble them, even though I’m so excited about all of them and even have fabric waiting for them (from my amazing fabric haul from LA).

Jalie2761forSAnother Jalie 2921 out of a soft jersey in the smaller size for S, since those patterns come with ALL THE SIZES! Once again, I loved making it and the fit is great. One thing is it is little low cut for a young girl, so she has to wear a cami under. I didn’t realize until the collar was all assembled. And once the collar is assembled and pulled through, there is no going back! The cami looks cute under there, and is certainly cold enough to warrant it, so it isn’t a problem.

I believe this is the cutest outfit I’ve ever made for S. I wish I finished it in time for the Project Run and Play Signature Style Challenge. The colors and style and even the fit are all the things I hope for when I make my daughter’s clothes.



  • Unique and affordable patterns at Lekala
  • Nice slot seam zipper, seems sturdier than an invisible
  • Pink and Navy blue, my fave!
  • A little low cut for a 9yo
  • Will change construction order of ruffles next time, since I’m making it up myself
  • Scarf on shirt needs to be shortened a bit

10 thoughts on “Sophisticated (little) Lady

  1. I love your look! I too hear you on the print at home patterns…I hate the assembly. I also have 2 different size girls. I’m pretty much handing down the outgrown clothes from my petite 10 year old right to my off the charts tall and weight 5 1/2 year old. We would love for you to link up over at Sew Cool for the Tween Scene ( and show us what you sew for your daughter. We are all about sharing good patterns for the tween age that are also age appropriate.

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