O is for Owl Dress

Owldress1Perhaps you can tell that I let my “pink one” pick out the fabric and buttons for this little dress. She would wear solely pink if she could, and when she dresses herself, she will often come out of her room in a whole rainbow of pink shades, none of which matches. She doesn’t love owls per se, but it was the boldest, brightest pink in my cotton stash so she grabbed it and held it to her chest.

owldress5This is the Brooklyn frock, a free pattern by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop. I really like the clear instructions provided. I also have used the V-Neck Cardigan pattern several times here.

owldress2Now, the seersucker that I chose for the gathered yoke is not the best choice, it has so much texture already it didn’t need to be so very gathered. The yoke turned out a little overwhelming. I did, however, enjoy the bias binding and the buttons and loops. That is a very cute detail.

owldress3And, wouldn’t you know it, D happens to have bright pink high-heeled glitter boots! She loves these boots just as much as anybody in our family loves shoes- which is to say-a lot! We are a shoe-obsessed household. She certainly fits right in. But she did notice that these boots may not be as comfortable for playing outside or walking long distances, so she has proclaimed that they are “Fancy Boots for going out to dinner.” So now, if we leave the house anytime in the evening she asks hopefully “Are we going out to dinner?” so she can wear her boots.

owldress4She feels wonderful in the dress, she can wear her fancy boots with it, so I think the outfit is a success!


3 thoughts on “O is for Owl Dress

  1. I had a little one that wore glitter and pink all the time, now just on occasions. She is super cute and you can tell she loves the dress.

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