Simple Chevron T

SimpleChevronT2How to make a plain striped T-shirt fun? Make it chevron! I just wanted a comfy top with this nice, soft fabric, but I didn’t want it to be boring.

SimpleChevronT3So today I have just a simple T-shirt where I manipulated the stripes to create a chevron in the front. The pattern is McCall’s 4042, which I found in my mom deep pattern stash and it looks to be at least 25 years old. I couldn’t find a link for it anywhere. Maybe my mom has the last known copy? I recut the neckline and I added the band to finish off the neck and the sleeves. The neckline gave me trouble because this lovely tissue weight knit is actually not that stretchy, surprisingly. I used the double needle to sew down the seam allowance on the neckline and sleeve bands and then simply turned the bottom under and stitched with the double needle.

ChevronTCuffsIt took two tries to line up the stripes. I cut each piece with fabric folded over, so they should’ve matched up okay, but it sure didn’t turn out perfectly the first try. There was some careful seam ripping on that delicate tissue weight knit!

ChevronTFullI did not get all “dolled up” for these pictures…I  took these on my way out the door to volunteer at my daughter’s elementary school. A slice of real. Here you see my least favorite jeans (cleanest ones I could find on Monday morning!) and I slip on those Topsiders nearly every day. But not every single picture on the blog has to be perfect (not that they ever are, I’m afraid). I can get really obsessed with little details, but I know that sometimes it’s just not worth stressing over. Today it’s just a simple T-shirt.

SimpleChevronTThis T-shirt represents the first of many, many makes that I will produce from my haul of fabric. This Christmas, I visited my mom, who lives an hour and a half south of LA. So that meant a quick drive up the highway to FABRIC PARADISE!


The left column of fabrics are all knit!

I was positively giddy with excitement. We walked by all the tiny shops and they had so much unique fabric; nothing you could find at your local Joann’s. Then, when I asked the prices, I got giddy all over again. Two dollars a yard for rayon jersey–with such a nice drapey hand! It is the knits that I love and was so excited about. I just have such a hard time finding nice knit that isn’t too expensive (nevermind the prices of that small selection I do find where I live, at least $10/yard).

My favs--a wool panel print, 2 silk cottons, and a tiny print chiffon

My favs–a wool panel print, 2 silk cottons, and a tiny print chiffon

So, in a rush of excitement, in the very first store I bought 8 yards. I couldn’t help myself. The next place I bought 5 more. I must have looked like a mad woman shaking. The next several stores didn’t have anything for me, it was mostly fancy stuff. Then we found a wonderful place with great apparel fabrics. There they had denim for $3 a yard. And silk cotton lawn for $5-$7 a yard. There were just too many beautiful things there, and with the prices so low I felt like I should continue to take advantage of the opportunity. But after a while all those $8 and $10 pieces added up to $170. Oh boy, oh boy did I get some treasures! I took the guy’s business card so that at any moment I could call him up and request something beautiful…what a temptation!  I’ll have to resist the urge until I get all this fabric sewn up.

lady fabric

Lady fabric? My husband would argue that the whole store is lady fabric!

I had made a list of garments I was searching for fabric for, but in my extreme excitement I forgot to refer to it and things got crazy. I think I ended up picking only four pieces that corresponded to my list. Oops.

But it really was a successful trip. I definitely got enough fabric to last me quite a while. Especially with how slowly I sew! I ended up with 55 yards of fabric +6 invisible zippers +2 packs of shell buttons, a cone of thread and a 2” x 18” transparent ruler all for $210. Fabric dreams do come true in the LA garment district!


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