Pink McCall’s 6793 Anthropologie copy


Turns out I sew pink garments all the time! I’m entering this blouse into the sew-along on Project Sewn.
Well, I started this blouse back when I was following Seamstress Erin Bow Blouse Sew Along. It was going to be blouse number 2 in a list of 3 ideas I had. What a dreamer I am! I did not get 3 tops done that month, and then Christmas steamrolled over me and my big plans fell by the wayside. I did get to pattern test Seamstress Erin’s Presidio Purse, though. That was a blast!

Bowed Peplum Blouse178.00I saw this lovely blouse in Anthropologie and liked it, but I hate beige. And that, my friends, is why it is great to sew. Even when my ideas are not an unique lightening bolt of inspiration, just a simple shirt I admire but don’t love the color of, it is great to be able to make my own clothes.

MCCalls6793fThese pictures of me were shot with the incorrect camera setting, so they are very washed out (though the solar flare in the pictures is very artistic). So I also took some some of the blouse on my dressform next to a window. You can see the details more clearly and it is a much better representation of the color.

McCalls6793gAgain with the chiffon, Helena. Why? Why? I guess because it hangs so nicely and was so inexpensive (I got this fabric at the Vogue Fabrics remnant bin at the Sew Expo in 2012 for $5.00). So, yes, I struggled with cutting and sewing the slippery chiffon, but finally emerged victorious. I really like this easy-to-wear top.

McCalls6793eConstruction notes: I went up one size in the McCall’s 6793 pattern. Normally I go down two, but I wanted it flowy. I didn’t put a cuff on the sleeve, but instead made a casing for elastic so I could push my sleeves up. It is more comfortable for me to wear this way, even though the cuffs would have looked nicer.  But having those sleeves at that weird length annoying me is exactly the kind of detail that would make this a “rarely-worn” instead of a “throw-on-all-the-time” top, so I think I made the correct choice. IMG_4626The bow is carefully edgestitched down and I did a decent job of it this time (even though with the collar folded over you will never see my beautiful detail work). I learned some tips and tricks from the Craftsy class “Sewing on the Edge” by Lynda Maynard. I have already learned so much and I’ve only watched half the lessons. Those Craftsy classes are great! I refer to the free Sunni Standing zipper insertion class all the time. I used a tiny rolled hem, but I just noticed it is beginning to unravel because I put the shirt in the wash. I guess I should be more careful with it.

McCalls6793iI did indeed wear this top with leggings because it is long enough to cover my bum, but is also cute with jeans or a fitted skirt. Even shorts in the summer! I’d like to make some Ponte leggings like Lladybird that look more like real pants. I love stretchy pants; I work from home, my husband works from home, so sometimes we go a couple of days without taking our PJs off. Why put on restrictive pants that cut into my squishy belly? But elastic waist pants…well, that is a piece that will slide right into my very relaxed lifestyle.

IMG_4608One thing– I do not like how the vibrant pink streaks in my hair make the mauve-pink shirt look dull.  Maybe the next time I get streaks I should try purple. Or blue. The pink is already fading a bit after just 2 weeks. I have to wash my hair often because I am a runner and I’m out there getting sweaty five days a week. But I still like pink hair. The heart wants what the heart wants, I guess.


8 thoughts on “Pink McCall’s 6793 Anthropologie copy

  1. Another great make 🙂 after reading some of your posts… I think craftsy might be a great learning tool. I love anthropologie and always want to try to copy. My biggest issue is sizing with big 3 pattern companies. The sizing is so hard to figure out. I hate making Muslims

    • Yes, sizing is a huge issue and I also loathe making muslins. I like to go to and see what other people say about the sizing. But, in general, I always go down a size or 2 in Big 4.

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