Seriously wooly skirt


It has turned bone-chillingly cold here in the Pacific Northwest. I know that there are a lot of other, much colder places in the U.S. and elsewhere that laugh at my whiny self, but I still think that everyone will concede that 25 degrees is chilly and you should definitely layer up.

This is all to say that all I want to wear is leggings. I want to be comfy and warm during this cold spell. But we all know, leggings aren’t pants past the age of 5, so that means I either need some tunic length tops –like my sweater knit Burda, or some skirts. I looked in my closet and realized that I am too modest and have no skirts that end much higher than my knees. Knee length skirts and leggings make me feel frumpy. What I needed was a short flippy skirt solely for legging cover and specifically for these frigid winter days.HunterSkirtShape

I can’t remember where I picked up this thick, scratchy wool, but it seemed just the ticket for the exaggerated shape I wanted this skirt to be. The wool feels like one of those itchy blankets that you keep in the back of the car for emergency picnic or to lay on top of metal bleachers. It’s also so thick that turning or even ironing it was next to impossible. I had to use a damp press cloth on every inch of it to make it lay flat. But it is nice thick wool and has such a rich color and texture.HunterSkirtHem

I started with a half circle skirt pattern. Doesn’t matter which one. I cut out the same pieces of my pretty turquoise lining. Then just made 2 skirts, sewed them together at the waist, and tucked bother layers between the waistband and its lining. The zipper was no picnic in that thick, stiff wool, and it shows quite a bit in the back (along with a stray turquoise thread!). This fabric is simply not forgiving of anything!IMG_4352

And let’s look at this high, high waistband. The wool ended up not stretching around the waist at all, even on the bias, so I almost couldn’t get it around my waist. So the waistband had to rise higher and higher to get to my smallest waist measurement. I think it is uncomfortably high, but with the not-so-great zipper and the waistband not shaped at all, I think a bulky sweater hiding all that business is fine for now. I’m not going to take it apart, especially because…HunterSkirtWaistband

When I got the skirt all done, I tried it on for the final time and noticed that the stiff wool created a very, very exaggerated silhouette. Like a cartoon character. I love half circle skirts – they are twirly but grown up, remaining slim through the hips before they flare out. Not this one. Oh no. I looked like an Anime character. The whole thing stuck out like a tent. I needed to take 2 inches from each side of the fullness at the hem.HunterSkirtLining

So I had to take the side seams apart, take the hem out, sew it up, finish those edges, redo the hem…basically make the skirt over again. But without correcting that zipper situation.

But hey, I do like it. It is the perfect thing to make my leggings look more like an outfit. I even had a lady tell me “I like your skirt and short boots, they look so good together.” Thank you for an unsolicited compliment by a stranger on the street!



  • Makes leggings legit
  • Perfect, deep fall green
  • Taking it in 2 inches each side did create the silhouette I was envisioning
  • The disappointment of the zipper insertion
  • The tightness of the waistband
  • The inability of this fabric to submit to my wishes!



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