Useless lace sleeves on Jalie 2921

Jalie 2921 pink jersey1Wow, was this a quick and adorable top! Disclaimer, I am officially the world’s slowest sewer. I hesitate, I unpick, I pin obsessively…I just generally take a long-ass time, but this shirt was a breeze! A single evening of sewing and I wore it the very next day. Like magic!

Jalie 2921 pink jersey bowWhen Seamstress Erin proposed a bow blouse sew along I thought it was a brilliant idea. I wear jeans so often that a little bit of bow-like flair is just what I need so I don’t die of closet boredom. I had a bit of trouble choosing which pattern to dive into since Erin gave us so many great ideas, but in the end I went with the much beloved Jalie 2791.

Jalie 2921 pink jersey outfitI’m in love with Jalie patterns. Love at first sew. The size range is amazing! They have little kid up all the way up to plus size all included! The pattern was easy to trace. The instructions were clear and the diagrams helpful. I enjoyed it so much and will certainly buy more from Jalie.

In LA garment district Jan2013This super soft rayon jersey and matching gold highlighted lace were from the real live Michael Levine store. Oh that place is fun! I am lucky enough to have another trip planned to L.A. and the garment district at Christmas and I will get better pictures of the whole experience. All I have is this little one from last year’s revelation of a trip. But can you see the joy on my face? And notice that I am still sewing up that haul of fabric from last January, trying to get it done before I load up again next month.

Can you see the gold in the lace?

Can you see the gold in the lace?

The bow isn’t very perky in the stretch lace, but obviously I needed to make it up in stretch fabric as per the pattern instructions. Yes, as others have mentioned the instructions are so clever. The only part that gave me pause was when you rolled the shirt up into the collar and sewed it into the tube, I basted it, thinking I didn’t want to serge it and find out later it had bunched up and I am left with a hole in my lovely shirt. But after I basted it I realized it was all enclosed , so there was no way to know if I had sewn it correctly until I pulled the shirt through to see. But there is no restuffing it in to serge the seams, and I felt I had to finish them because the collar is made from the transparent lace. So I just held my breath and serged it up. Phew. It came out fine. Well, I do have a little pucker, almost unavoidable in such a soft, silky jersey. Luckily it is hidden under the bow because it is permanently stitched there. I can’t fix it now.

No, I know, lace sleeves aren’t practical. Look lady, do you need sleeves or don’t you? If you do, lace sleeves are not going to do any protecting from the elements. If you don’t need them, why add them?

Jalie 2921 lace sleeveBecause I can.

Useless lace sleeves are all the rage anyway. Like here and here. All the kids are wearing them these days.

  • Fast
  • Comfy knit top I can wear w/jeans
  • Bow Blouse Sew Along!
  • a pucker in the collar (I know it’s there)
  • thin jersey makes me feel like I need to suck in my tummy all day (as in top photo)



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