L is for Lucy Tunic

Lucytunic1Isn’t the Lucy Tunic by Shwin Designs a fun, unique pattern? I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it. It has such a fun shape, and it’s vest-y, tunic-y like vibe mean it can go any number of different ways stylistically. Very fun!

Lucytunic3I tried some fun printed baby wale corduroy. The pattern needs a fabric with some body to give it that A-line shape, but I could imagine it in something more drapey also, for a totally different look. The lining is some linen-y stuff that is actually quite soft. And, guess what? I hand-dyed that stuff myself! Hand-dyed sounds very artisan and fancy, but really I just threw it in a vat of hot, hot water and dye and mixed it up every few minutes.

LucytunicLiningThe lining fabric was originally a beige color that would have never ever been used in my household, even as lining, so my artisanal dying saved it from the donation pile. I think I acquired it from a big bag of fabric some sweet friends picked up for me at a garage sale a few years ago. The fabric ended up being mostly home dec and not my cup of tea, but I have used some of it up for muslins and I used some striped yardage on a purse. And it was the most thoughtful gesture by those friends!

lucytunicsleeveThe pattern instructs you to make a tuck in the top of the sleeve with the leftover bit you have after you come up from your sleeve sides. I love that, it really made sense to me. The lining had a little bit of give and there is about a 3/8 tuck, but the corduroy had no give and there was only a quarter inch for the tuck. Either way, the sleeves set in easily with that procedure!

lucytunic4The Lucy tunic was easy to put together and looks great. Luckily we had just bought D her first pair of pants of her life this past weekend and they couldn’t be more perfect. I personally need denim polka dot skinny jeans, too.

LucyTunicSkippingThe reason I have never bought D any pants before is she has worn her sister’s hand-me-downs and her sister refuses to wear pants, even now, at 9. D has decided she likes pants. Maybe that is what I shall make for the letter “P.”


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