Vogue 1247 Gray textured top

Vogue1247 center frontThis top ended up being a pretty easy make. So easy, in fact, that I constructed most of it while I was tipsy! Considering that fact, I think it is a win that all my seams match up at the center front!

This fabric is an unique,  lightweight cotton with a nubbly texture and a bit of reflective sheen that unfortunately didn’t show up great in the pictures. It is neat stuff, and easy to work with — it didn’t slide around while sewing and it pressed out well. I wanted some sort of directional print to emphasize the interesting triangular pieces in front.  The fabric choice did that briliantly.

I like the curved hem

I like the curved hem

Since this is a Vogue pattern, it instructed me to make French seams throughout. I chose not to in this fabric. I just serged everything because the fabric was not going to show the bulk of the seams. If and when I make this top up again in a silkier fabric, I could see the benefit of having the smoother French seams.

backIt was actually a lovely pattern to sew. I loved Crab and Bee’s amazing orange version, so I gave it a go.  I don’t buy many Vogue patterns. They are so expensive, and if I’m going to pay that much for a pattern I will opt for an independent pattern company like Colette or Victory. I recently bought my first Jalie pattern, too. It ended up being $15.00 with shipping but I realized when it arrived that it came in every size imaginable. I can make this pattern up for my 5 year old, 9 year old and myself and even a plus size if I needed to. That is a very cool feature and well worth the money!

Vogue 1247 fulloutfitIt is so hard to tell how this top is going to fit before you make it, but I went down my usual 2 sizes and I think the fit is great, just how I expected. The shoulder pleats lay nicely and I like the curved hem. One note — I didn’t lengthen this one because I thought it looked long enough, but I think next time I will make it about an inch longer. I can imagine this in a nice matte silk.

  • great neutral shirt
  • Unique fabric
  • easy to put together, I only had to unpick and shift the seams once
  • will lengthen next time
  • Vogue made me feel lazy for not french seaming
  • Fabric is prone to wrinkles

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