Brown polka dot blouse

sideandsleeveI made this chiffon number a couple of years ago, before I learned about the wealth of sewing knowledge available on sewing blogs from around the world. I didn’t know how to finish my chiffon seam allowances. And I didn’t know how to handle the slippery chiffon, making this a miracle that it even came together! I was just getting used to my rolled hem foot and that tiny rolled hem foot is tricky to master on any kind of material, but especially slippery, ravelly chiffon.

shoulderdetailDespite the many problems I see clearly with my hindsight, I really like this top and I like wearing it. It has that gathered shoulder detail that, even though it was a couple years ago, I didn’t know how that detail would obsess me so. It goes with jeans, which I wear nearly everyday.

supermanI have considered making the pattern, Simplicity 4125 (OOP), again out of another, less tricky fabric…but actually I think that would be lazy of me. I have much more experience now (I sew SO much more now that I have a full time sewing room, not just a corner) and I have even made some things successfully out of chiffon, like my peacock dress. So, do you think I should give it another go?



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