G is for Giant Bow

gisforgiantbow1I love classic girl’s clothes. The kind you might have seen on a little French girl at any time over the past 60 years. Madeline-esque.

This skirt is a baby blue herringbone tweed that I made much more feminine by making it into a circle skirt- except I miscalculated and didn’t buy enough yardage for a full circle skirt. I was designing this skirt in my head after I found the fabric and I didn’t have time to think it through correctly when my number was called at the cutting counter. I would not be able to compete under the pressure of Project Runway, that’s for sure! When they show the scenes at Mood where they are rushing around looking for fabric I start sweating for them. Sheesh.Gisforgiantbow3

So it is half a circle and another wedge I eeked out of the fabric I had. It still has the twirly effect I was going for. I added piping in between each panel- I mean, why not? The piping is made from a sheet I cut into bias strips and made myself.IMG_2005

The Swiss dot cotton shirt is a simple raglan sleeve peasant blouse, for which there are a million patterns. I think mine was actually a costume pattern! I just gathered the neck and armholes, but I wasn’t happy with that. It hung very triangularly off my skinny girl’s shoulders. So I added elastic gathers to the sides at the hemline, just 4 inches per side, and that changed the shape enough but didn’t turn the top into a big bubble. That wouldn’t have looked right with the skirt.

I couldn’t resist adding a little decorative stitch to the neckline of that plain white blouse. My Brother machine has a million of those stitches and I can never think of any uses for them!

Gisforgiantbow2And, of course, a giant polka dot bow. It is quilting cotton so it will hold its shape. And it is removable for washings! The cotton would wrinkle like the devil if I put that bow in the wash, so I just safety-pinned it on. Easy Peasy. I did that with the flowers on her Mod Piped Dress, too.


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