McCall’s 6754 peplum top

McCalls6754aSure, I’ve known this peplum thing is a trend. I’ve seen it. I’ve noticed. But I did not think it applied to me for 2 reasons: 1) All peplum tops I’d seen were very dressy tailored tops and not appropriate for my lifestyle 2) I don’t care for highwaisted items. They feel funny and I attempt to pull them down to my belly button.

inspirationtopWell, 2 other things changed my mind. The first was Sown Brooklyn’s orange peplum for the Sew Weekly Reunion. I was astonished to see her make it in a comfy knit and it looked great. Then I saw, and actually bought, this peplum top from Anthropologie. It was $68 and then I ended up never even wearing it all summer because of the open back. But it was so CUTE on me, so cute I actually bought it full price. So you and I both know what comes next.

I resolved to make my own. The knit lace has a soft, cottony feel and is very stretchy. I just used a baby blue knit lining that I had around. I found McCall’s pattern 6754 with the raglan sleeves for a buck. It was on!

I muslined it in a medium, because that is what the back of the pattern back said I measured. Then we all had a good laugh and I cut a size X-Small. Yes, this pattern is specifically labeled “Knits.” McCall’s, you’d think I’d know this about you by now– ALWAYS go down 2 sizes.

Peplumbastedtogether The trickiest bit was how to treat the layers. I carefully basted all the pieces together with a zig zag to preserve the stretch. But the bottom, round hem terrified me (especially since my serger isn’t working). I devised a hemming method more like a facing. I edgestitched the lining to the seam allowance to keep it tidy and rolled under and cut the seam allowance super small so it didn’t show between the layers. It turned out lovely.

PeplumedgeOn the sleeves I used the scalloped selvedge. I wish I’d had more edges to exploit that feature! I cut the lining up a bit so the lace was bare at the hem of the sleeve, only about an inch. Because it is a raglan sleeve that was all I could do. I didn’t want a totally lace sleeve showing my bra strap.

McCalls6754bI finished the neck by a simple fold over twice but added clear elastic hoping it would help with the inevitable gape of the stretched out edge. I didn’t fix it totally. Bummer.

McCalls6754flounceThen, I had the brilliant idea to add the clear elastic to the waistband as a stabilizer and so the whole top isn’t weighed down by the peplum. So the elastic sits right on the skin of my waist and keeps the whole top snug and secure. It works great and I’m proud of that feature.

McCalls6754cI took the Anthropogie top back (it still had the tags on it) and since my version cost me about $18 that means I have $50 in the bank for shoes, right? Seems right to me!



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