Peacock Chiffon Dress for Project Sewn

peacock dress1For once, I can say that I’m so thrilled with how this turned out. I created this! I felt very Project Runway (except I made it for Project Sewn) while I worked. There was a hard deadline– my little brother’s wedding. I had to fly to Texas for it, so I would be away from my sewing machine (does anyone else get filled with dread when they contemplate that?). I actually sewed the zipper in and slid it off the machine to hop in the car and leave for the airport. I even hand finished the hook and eye while waiting for my flight. And actually, since my flight ended up being VERY delayed, my hook and eye is very well done, if I do say so myself.

peacock dress3peacock muslinThe pattern is McCall’s 6760. I made an unintentional muslin out of jersey. It was a disaster, much too heavy and then I burned it with the iron right in the center of the waistband. It was also, since it was a McCall’s pattern, too big. But that meant that when I began to sew the chiffon version it was a breeze! With the added challenge of the slippery, ravelly chiffon to deal with, at least I was comfortable with all the construction steps.

I snapped up this gorgeous chiffon print in the remnant section of my favorite Seattle fabric store called “Pacific Fabrics and Crafts”. Sometimes they receive designer remnants and I suspect that is what this was. When I brought it up to the counter the salesperson had never seen it on the bolt and she said she would have remembered it. I bought the whole thing for $23 and patted myself on the bum on the way out of the store with pride.

peacock dress closeup frontI tried to make the front symmetrical. They do that all the time in Project Runway! It is not perfect, but the chiffon slid around so much I think I did okay. The top is lined with black poly stretch lining, and the waistband is interlined with that so I could fuse the interfacing to it and not show through. Is there such a thing as black interfacing?

peacock dress tiesThere are no side seams, it is supposed to cross over the sides. In my jersey version I tugged them tightly and it went fairly well. For the chiffon version I don’t like how it hangs and even shows my bra. Not much scandal seeing the side of my black bra, but still, I don’t love that design feature.

peacock dress backPlease admire my spaghetti straps used to ruche the shoulders… those took me an entire night of TV watching to turn. It was excruciating, but they turned out perfectly! They would have been pleased on The Great British Sewing Bee. Remember how they judged everyone’s straps on episode 3?

peacock dress holdingBut the skirt is the best part, no? I copied this shape from an Anthropologie dress I saw this summer and I had just enough fabric. Down to the inch! It crosses over the center at the waist, then I just cut a rounded shape to make it hi-lo. It moves so well when I walk, especially downstairs. It would be great down a runway!!! But I don’t have one. Boo.  I had to drag my husband out to a public place to take pictures and get the movement of it. Of course I had to put a little skirt lining in there, but kept it very short because I don’t want it to show except when necessary to cover up the goods.

peacock dress movingIn conclusion, I really do feel like after I made my design choices carefully and constructed it meticulously it turned out exactly how I envisioned it in my head. Win!


28 thoughts on “Peacock Chiffon Dress for Project Sewn

  1. love your dress! Looks so fantastic on you… I am excited to see more NW bloggers. I’m from Ferndale (up by Bellingham) and it seems most bloggers I read are from other states than the PNW.

  2. Beautiful! That fabric is gorgeous, and this dress is perfect to show it off. I’m impressed with the symmetry too–so much more important when working with a bold print, as I learned doing this challenge too! I’m another Pacific Northwesterner–Portland, in my case, but I lived in Seattle for a while!

  3. Really gorgeous! The fabric is great. I also was finishing a dress by hand on a trip for a for a wedding last weekend.

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