E is for Eyelet Skirts


A couple months ago my husband and I found ourselves relaxing without kids, so we moseyed on down to the Fremont Flea Market here in Seattle. It started out innocently enough, with the usual flea market stuff; furniture, antiques, weird hippie stuff, cool garden planters, etc. All of a sudden I saw sewing stuff! My husband audibly groaned as I beelined over. The lady at the booth and I talked for at least 15 minutes and she is Cheryl Kuczek of Paradiso Designs. I bought a skirt pattern from her, mostly to support indie designers. She had amazing buttons and trims, too, but there was no way I could narrow the choices down without a specific project in mind so I got a pattern.


Then, last weekend I grabbed “Sew Stylish” magazine (the only sewing related mag I could find) for an airplane flight and there was that bag she made that she was telling me! It looked a lot better in the professional magazine shots than the iPhone photo she was trying to show me. She carried kits for the pleather to make it at her booth. Maybe I should have bought one!  The bag is seriously beautiful and I would totally love it.

Aside: That is the Sew Stylish issue that Sunni Standing from A Fashionable Stitch has her plaid blazer tutorial in, too. A worthwhile magazine all around!


So this pattern is called the 3 Harlows and there are 3 skirt “formulas,” not actual patterns, and one is for a bubble skirt. I’m sure there are tons of tutorials on the web but I used this one. It calls for quilting cotton, but I like my heavier fabric because it gave the skirts more bubble! The fabric is eyelet that is embroidered onto a red background so you don’t have to line it. Genius.


My only complaint in this formula is the muslin lining inside is a little tight around their legs, though. My daughters complained at the playground as they tried to climb up above the play equipment instead of just on it!

eyeletskirts2The cutest thing about the skirts, though, is that there are 2 of them and my girls love to match each other! They are currently in different size ranges so there isn’t much I can buy for them both.  Since they both only wear skirts, this project made everyone happy!


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