Sweater knit batwing–BurdaStyle 04/2011 #118A

sweaterknitbatwing1If I am truly honest with myself, what I wear on a daily basis is mostly jeans and some sort of knit top. Sometimes those jeans are in different colors or even corduroy, but it is all in a similar family. Likewise, I tend to grab tops that are comfy and cozy for our Pacific Northwest weather. I also work from home, so things can get very casual and stay that way ALL DAY. Sometimes I wear a nice sweater or (on the fanciest, shmanciest of days) a blouse and jacket, but mostly it is a variation on a t-shirt/cardigan theme.
sweaterknitbackSooooo, what I am saying is, if I plan on wearing these items I make, I should focus my energies on those kids of comfy tops that I will wear. I really should sew them, but I really haven’t.
The biggest problem is I have considerable trouble finding nice knit fabric anywhere! Of course finding apparel fabric is difficult for many of us, but knits are a special challenge.

But, *Cue the angel choir* my mom recently moved to a San Diego suburb and I did get to go shopping in the L.A. fashion district. It was only for an hour and a half, but I bought lots! There were so many nice knits! And cheeeeeeeap. I can’t remember if this one was $5 or $7 a yard, but either way it was a steal.
sweaterknitbatwing3This delicious sweater knit was picked up in one of those little shops there and it has such a great ribbed texture without being too stretchy.
The Pattern from BurdaStyle, 04/2011 Long sleeved shirt #118A, is a nice shape and easy to put together. It is so cool how I could turn the sleeve/yoke piece so the stretch went around my arms and then turned the other way to keep the stretch around my hips. I added the band to the bottom because I thought it looked a bit unfinished. I wish I had made the band thicker, though.

sweaterknitbatwing2The sleeve length on this pattern is a joke! I cut off half a foot from each sleeve and it still left them plenty long. In a thinner, stretchier knit the ultra-long sleeves would be okay, I guess. But honestly, I still wouldn’t want to deal with so much bunched up fabric around my arms. Oh Burda!


  • Yay for using my awesome sweater knit from L.A.
  • I will and do wear this IRL
  • I might need another top out of this pattern


  • I wish the bottom band was thicker
  • Wasted fabric when I cut off the silly sleeves



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