If Jackie O. wore chevron velour

DchevronshirtD needed a black or white shirt to go with many of her colorful skirts that are currently not getting worn, but I didn’t want to buy a boring t-shirt. So when I saw this cute chevron velour I snapped it up. I bought a lot so I could also make something for my older daughter with this cozy stuff.

This pattern, McCall’s 6786, is so perfectly my style. I love a Jackie O collar! I bought it in both my girl’s sizes because I could see so many possibilities. The collar is supposed to be cut on the bias, which would be fun to try. It was not a good idea for this fabric choice, though. It made me dizzy.

Purple zipper and gray button

Purple zipper and gray button

The velour is messy but easy to work with and has a little stretch. I still had to put in a zipper, though, because of the high neck. I added the gray faceted button and overlapped it a bit to help support the collar. I also interfaced both layers to keep it up.

Dchevronshirt5The most challenging part of the process was cutting it out in a single layer to make sure the stripes were straight across and lined up. Even though they don’t come together perfectly at the zipper in a chevron shape, the black and whites do line up and create a nice continuity.

I said "Now show me the sleeves."

I said “Now show me the sleeves.”

I copied my own sleeve variation (as I warned you I would) from the Mod Piped Dress but I forgot how I planned on sewing my ruffle into a circle before attaching it to the sleeve so that the seam didn’t show inside the bell of the sleeve. I guess I’ll be trying that sleeve treatment AGAIN so I can perfect it.

I foresee this top getting a lot of use since it matches with everything. A wardrobe staple that I still think is fun and stylish.



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