Mod Piped Dress

Simplicity1787modpipedThis is my first attempt at piping and I didn’t realize I have a piping foot, my Bernina actually came with one! So I was using my zipper foot and trying to keep the cord close inside the fold. It is not perfect, but I was delighted to make my own piping. What piping freedom!

What compelled me to make this dress?

I love this shift dress style so much! But I don’t know how great it looks on me. Making it for my skinny 9 year old is perfect. But now I am kind of jealous. I kind of want to make this for me, if I could grade the pattern up enough. Look at those awesome pockets! It is Simplicity 1787.

Simplicity1787modpiped2I drafted the long ruffle sleeve, almost like a lantern sleeve. That turned out great and I didn’t have to hem the sleeve, since the ruffle was doubled and sewn to the end of the sleeve.

Simplicity1787modpiped3I also rolled some chiffon flowers for an embellishment on the center front. It is a pin so I can take it off before I wash it. It gets worn and washed quite often, actually!

Wins Losses
  • Custom knit piping was easy to bend around the curved seams.
  • My lantern sleeve variation is just the right length
  • I remembered to make the chiffon flower pin removable for washing
  • Wrinkled seams around those stretchy, curvy parts
  • Didn’t realize I had an official Bernina piping foot until I had made all this with my zipper foot

What I learned –

This is my new favorite sleeve variation. I can’t wait to try it again. Please let me know if it gets old!

Simplicity1787modpiped1Rolled chiffon flowers are kind of shabby chic, and I don’t like raw edges showing, so I sewed my chiffon into a tube, but of course the stitches show through the chiffon so I’m not sure I improved the situation.

Does anyone else think this would make a cute grown-up dress, too, or am I delusional?


8 thoughts on “Mod Piped Dress

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