Sweater knit batwing–BurdaStyle 04/2011 #118A

sweaterknitbatwing1If I am truly honest with myself, what I wear on a daily basis is mostly jeans and some sort of knit top. Sometimes those jeans are in different colors or even corduroy, but it is all in a similar family. Likewise, I tend to grab tops that are comfy and cozy for our Pacific Northwest weather. I also work from home, so things can get very casual and stay that way ALL DAY. Sometimes I wear a nice sweater or (on the fanciest, shmanciest of days) a blouse and jacket, but mostly it is a variation on a t-shirt/cardigan theme. Continue reading


If Jackie O. wore chevron velour

DchevronshirtD needed a black or white shirt to go with many of her colorful skirts that are currently not getting worn, but I didn’t want to buy a boring t-shirt. So when I saw this cute chevron velour I snapped it up. I bought a lot so I could also make something for my older daughter with this cozy stuff.

This pattern, McCall’s 6786, is so perfectly my style. I love a Jackie O collar! I bought it in both my girl’s sizes because I could see so many possibilities. The collar is supposed to be cut on the bias, which would be fun to try. It was not a good idea for this fabric choice, though. It made me dizzy. Continue reading

Chevrons Forever Dress


What compelled me to make this dress?

I am obsessed with this gathered shoulder detail. I have acquired several patterns that incorporate it. Then I was whipped into a further frenzy by this post by Paunnet. I actually made this dress almost 2 months ago and have been wearing the heck out of it.


I grabbed this fabric from Fabric.com without a moment’s hesitation. It is cotton lawn, perfect for a summer dress (but a bit sheer). I have seen this fabric used by another blogger since I purchased it, so I know I am not the only one who thought ”Mine!” when they spied it.

The pattern is McCall’s 6711. It also has a cute skirt AND blazer included so I think this is a very worthwhile pattern.


Self-lined yoke

The yoke is self-lined, but I didn’t have enough to self-line the front bodice and I certainly didn’t want to have to wear a cami under it. So, in the middle of the project and desperate to move forward, I lined it with a nice quilting cotton that matched pretty well. Ruinous choice! The cotton has more body than the lawn and it seriously hindered the blousy effect of the bodice. I should have used lining fabric for the lining! Duh! I didn’t line the back bodice and it hangs nicely.

chevrondressinsideout2 copy

Bad lining choice!



  • Easy constructions with elastic waistband but able to hide elastic under a cute belt.
  • Lining the yoke and bodice meant no facings and nice clean neck and armholes.
  • All cotton with finished seams is easy to throw in the washing machine.
  • Summer dresses are so light and perfect. Just add a belt and you look very put together.
  • Bodice lined with too heavy fabric lost some of the floaty blousy effect
  • The elastic waist plus the bodice and lining made the waist seam bulky
  • Didn’t muslin and with the yoke coming down the shoulders it was hard to tell where to hold the bodice up to assess where the V neck fell. I wish it was half an inch lower.

What I learned

  • Consider how the lining will affect the drape of the piece.
  • Take care to eliminate bulk around the waist. It will make it more flattering and therefore more comfortable to wear.
  • Pin the bodice pieces carefully and accurately to see if the neckline lies in the right place.

IMG_3056aSince this picture was taken I added belt loops on, too. Lightbulb moment!