Sew Weekly Reunion Pantone Challenge Outfit


The Facts- I just realized I am supposed to name my outfit…oops! Can’t change my blog title now. I declare this the “It’s coming!” outfit. I know fall is coming and I need to face it!

Fabric: Purple drapey knit jersey from LA fashion district, grey stretch twill from Value Village

Notions: Fusible thread, lots of buttons

Pantone Challenge colors: Acai and Turbulence. Bonus: Deep Lichen Green lining!


Pattern: BurdaStyle 3/2010 Mini Dress #118a, Colette Beignet

Mar_118A_tech_drawing 1005-colette-beignet

Time to complete: Top- about 3 hours with learning to use my fusible thread. Skirt- at least 10, because I began and nearly completed one, then decided that fabric was too horrible, so I started over with the stretch twill, which I forgot to pre-wash. Oops!

First worn: This photo shoot!

Wear again? I am really looking forward to wearing both these pieces this fall.

Total Cost: $41 for everything!  $5 for Burda pattern, $15 for Colette pattern, $5 for jersey, $3 for twill, $5 for buttons and $8 for the fusible thread!


What compelled me to make this?

I have a couple comfy knit tops in my wardrobe that get A LOT of wear. I don’t wear T-shirts that often, because I like a little more style to my tops, but I do love knit tops and I wear them all the time. So I went searching for a pattern that had a little something to it. I do think BurdaStyle has some interesting shapes sometimes.


When untucked, though, the top isn’t very flattering. My husband gave it the thumbs down, he does not like baggy clothes. Sorry, honey, I can’t wear a skin tight jumpsuit all the time like I know you would prefer! The fabric is so heavy that it pulls the front down a bit, so I may have to engineer some kind of loop around my bra to keep those side gathers wide set. Has anyone seen a tutorial for that? Did I just make that up?


Of course, the Beignet skirt is a great shape and cute and practical. Win, win, win! The first version was a very dark gray, but that fabric was a horror. It wouldn’t press AT ALL, the serger couldn’t cut it (at some points it would just roll into the seam and make a fat, ugly mess) and I kept trying and trying. Finally I gave up, and immediately felt better. I was going to make some pants out of this twill, but I think this is still a great use of the fabric.

What I learned-

I used a fusible thread hem on the shirt to keep it from stretching and it worked great. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture. I followed the tutorial from Kadiddlehopper. Thanks Katie! She is one prolific seamstress and she knows things! Valuable things!


I also tried to use the fusible thread to hold down my facings. That didn’t work at all. Bummer, I thought I was being so clever!

I did another blind hem on the skirt and it didn’t go as well as the Royal Brocade Coat. That fabric was more forgiving. This flat twill showed each stitch. I should have practiced on scraps a bit more to make sure I had the spacing and tension just right.


Has anyone else been subject to these little tucks along the waistband when sewing the facing to the skirt on the Beignet? I had them at each seam and had to pick them all out.  and sew it again. Was it because I was not a careful enough seamstress or was it the stretch in my fabric? The facing was interfaced, but the skirt portion was not. See how I had already sewn part of it twice?


I also learned that I really, really liked sewing for a challenge and having a deadline. I know I wouldn’t have started and finished the second skirt after getting frustrated with the first, but I am so glad I did! I am going to wear this skirt to death.



Thanks so much to The Sew Weekly Reunion for organizing this and creating such a fun challenge!


4 thoughts on “Sew Weekly Reunion Pantone Challenge Outfit

  1. I love it. I have that pattern and have just been around waiting to sew it. It looks great with boots and tights prefect for Fall her in Seattle.

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