A Really Green Skirt


Nothing seems more like summer than a long, swishy, airy skirt!

What compelled me to make this?

greenskirtinspirationI had this Anthropologie skirt up on my inspiration board (already sold out in green). I went to the store and inspected it closely and realized it had these great circular seams that made it move so nicely. So I found this Lekala pattern, for free!

lekala patternThe Anthro skirt had a handkerchief hem, but I didn’t love that aspect of it anyway, so I didn’t do that. I had to add 2 inches to the custom measured pattern, though. I am a tall girl and I love the fact that I can make clothes long enough for me. Joy!

I adore kelly green right now! Especially with white and/or navy.


Wins Losses
  • Silky fabric is swishy and the skirt is long enough
  • Got pretty close to the inspiration in color and the circular panels.
  • Slippery fabric – oh so slippery – I used oodles of pins
  • The waist may be too big; there is a little stretch to the satin. But to fix it would mean taking in 6 seams and recutting the waist facing.


What I learned

  • I have a serger that is set specifically to a small 3 thread hem that works best on lightweight fabrics. This was the perfect application for that machine! But I thought I needed 3 spools of matching thread. A closer look made me realize I just needed 2 matching and the back thread only needed to be “close enough”. It worked great!


  • I also learned to always interface or tape around the invisible zipper, but especially in this skirt since the curved panels made that seam unstable (and the satin had a little bit of unplanned stretch).

Improvements to be made

Belt loops would be nice. I know the Anthro skirt didn’t have belt loops either, but it was styled that way in the catalog and when I tried wearing it with a belt it traveled all over the place. No one wants to be fussing with their belt all day.


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