Organza flower yoke plaid dress

S. B&W Plaid dress 1 I love plaid, but my daughter, S, hates it. She says it is “boy-ish.” So, to get her excited about wearing this dress (since she will not wear anything she’s not excited about) I added some details to make it more “girl-ish.” I bought the flowered organza fabric to use as an accent. The yoke was really easy to do since I just stitched around it and left the edges raw. The flowers on the fabric are intentionally shabby chic and fray so that finish ended up being perfect (and easy!).

S. B&W Plaid dress bodiceI made it with a general bodice pattern and drafted a circle skirt for the bottom. I like how the plaid lays in different directions around the circle. But circle skirts are notoriously hard to hem! What I did was take some organza ribbon and basted a stitch on one edge. I then sewed the flat, unbasted side to the serged skirt edge, like a facing, so when I folded it over the edge was enclosed. The slightly gathered basted edge got sewn down in a nice, wide hem. The gathering made that side of the ribbon slightly shorter and easy to sew into the slightly smaller circumference of the skirt. The ribbon also gave the hem some stiffness, like horsehair braid, for maximum twirliness. She loved that!

S. B&W Plaid dress hem detailOne last thing is the sash. It is very silky soft and lovely to touch. It does not, however, like to hold itself into the big, classic bow that I envisioned. S. usually just holds the ends of the sash and pets them, so it never stays tied for long. Oh well.

S. B&W Plaid dress sashBut my little details worked, and I actually got S. to wear (and like!) a plaid dress.



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