The Piped and Scalloped Wardrobe Plan



I am both bored easily and motivated by big projects. I love to start new projects, yet I long to accomplish something substantial. So, to begin my blogging journey, I thought I’d start with a big project to chronicle, but making many pieces lets me hop around. Inspired by Simple Simon and Co. I am creating a “collection” for my 8 year old daughter. I can kinda feel like I am on Project Runway- which is really the goal of my life (to share in the glamor and creativity of PR, not actually be on the TV).

My 8 year old only wears skirts and dresses. That rule is rock solid. Unless we are going to play in the snow (notice I didn’t say ‘unless it is snowing’ because she most certainly wears skirts in the snow). You or I cannot expect her to wear pants for up to 2 weeks each winter just because there is snow on the ground. Ridiculous.

So the collection will include at least 4 dresses, 3 skirts, 2 blouses, some outer layers (cardigan? vest? Jacket?) and a coat. I should throw some leggings in there too to make it a wearable wardrobe in the Pacific NW. Or maybe I’ll buy those.

It is great to shop for fabrics with a plan and colors picked. It slowed me down and kept me focused.


Scarlett herself came up with the color palette and it is brilliant. I asked her for her ideas with much trepidation, thinking she’d say pink with purple and yellow. But I was dumbfounded by her sophisticated choices. All of these colors can pair with any others, or they can all be combined. Very clever. Perhaps when I make a collection for me I’ll use the same colorway!

During each project I hope to learn a new technique or practice a shaky skill. That should be easy to find some new skills I want to master, since even though I have been sewing for many years I have resisted trying these new things because I was making clothes for me. I feel much more freedom in making clothes for my daughter. She is such an easy client! Thrilled with anything I make and not picky about the details or fit. I plan on learning quite a lot on this adventure!